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Wow! Thanks a million for your products and services! I’ve just finished setting up my new Native Instruments Maschine MK3 and everything seems to be working perfectly. The installation is/was a user’s breeze in the wind. All I had to do was enter my new serial number online with Native Access my computer did all the work. I’d also like to add that my new headphones rock! I’m an extremely happy TOM LEE MUSIC customer! Thank you so much to Stephen in the keyboard-recording section of your flagship location in downtown Vancouver. I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping experience this morning with Stephen’s much appreciated help and assistance. He has always taken good care of me when I come in to shop. Thanks again! Have a great day and coming weekend to everyone!
Yours truly Gary McAvoy. MCA Records.
Gary McAvoy May 11, 2018

Do you know how great your staff is at the Tom Lee Music store in Victoria, BC!

Every time I come into the Victoria store I am always met with courteous and friendly service. The staff is insightful and knowledgeable and goes above and beyond in making everyone's Tom Lee shopping experience an absolute pleasure! I am amazed at how much I learn everytime I go into the Victoria store.

I know that since I have shopped at Tom Lee Music in Victoria it has made me a better musician! I have learned so much from your wonderful staff. From how things work, to new technologies, the combined experience and knowledge that are offered at the Victoria Tom Lee Music store location is unprecedented!

The other day I came into the Victoria Tom Lee Store and talked to one of your sales staff. I didn’t know what I was looking for but I had an idea what I wanted. I must have tried a dozen guitars and I felt a bit uneasy about having to put your staff member through quite a workout! He was amazing! He graciously suggested I try this guitar and that guitar and I would always say “No, not this one” I finally asked him what kind of guitar he played? And he said he was a Les Paul man. My first reaction was I don’t like Les Paul guitars as they all feel heavy and like lumber to me. He said well… we have this one Les Paul in the store that is simply outstanding! Both of us had tried so many guitars that day that I thought since he was doing such a great job and that I was really having a good time. I said sure! Let’s try the Les Paul. Now I know this sales clerk has his own band that I really like! I totally valued his opinion, and I was very curious at his Les Paul suggestion!

Well let me tell you…when I picked up the Les Paul guitar and the both of us found the right amp sound I was immediately shocked at how great this guitar was! I swear I was shaking! I couldn’t believe that I was a Les Paul man too! I had no idea! All I knew was that I just had to have her! Some things in life you just know, and owning this wonderful instrument was the way right answer for me! She had found me and I had found her!

Purchasing the Les Paul (“cherry burst”) standard model guitar from Tom Lee Music Victoria store was the best thing I have ever done in a very long time! The quality of the instrument, the suggestions and encouragement from everyone of your staff in this wonderful store added to my excitement that day!

I just wanted to say thank-you so very much to the Tom Lee organization for making this day happen. And would it be possible for you to pass on a very grateful bravo to all of the Victoria Tom Lee Music staff as I could not have been treated any better than the 5 star treatments I received that day!

I will continue to shop at Tom Lee Music Victoria and pass on how wonderful an experience it is to shop here to all I know. Finally, a retailer that gets it right!!!

Graham Hunter April 14, 2018

Will and Jean made it very easy for me to return a bass guitar that I purchases as "B" stock but which I found I had a problem with. They were very understanding and offered me a couple of solutions.I have been a long term customer and have found all of the guys who work in guitars to be welcoming, knowledgeable, and helpful.Mark in keyboards has been very accommodating as well.

Thanks for making Tom Lee in Richmond a good experience, guys!
Brian Pulham April 10, 2018

Kurt was very helpful and assisted my headphones purchase. He took time to answer all my questions and was very welcoming.
Nikolas Kirincic February 28, 2018

The staff were very approachable and very helpful.
Jason Plante February 28, 2018

Purchased a Fender Jag Cobain B Stock for an amazing price. Thank you!
Skylar Barron February 28, 2018

Always good support while buying equipment, as well for overall guitar talk
Larry Parks February 28, 2018

Dan was very knowledgeable and helpful.
Dan Holliday February 28, 2018

As always your staff are very helpful and honest about advising me with regard to the various choices I have. I have always been thrilled with the staff at the Richmond store
Andrea Stevenson February 28, 2018

Gary was a pleasure to deal with. Very informative and only too willing to help. He is my 'go to guy' when I shop at Tom Lee Victoria. His customer service is 110%
Tristan Baty February 28, 2018

Daniel was very helpful not only tuning my ukulele but taking the time to teach me how to do it for the future
Meh Sharma February 28, 2018

Tom lee (at least the Langley location) has outstanding customer service, which is why I will now start shopping there instead of at L&M
Logan Dowie February 28, 2018

Rosa and Carla are both fantastic. I had a great shopping and lesson experience and I will recommend this store to friends.
Nicole Kerrivan February 28, 2018

Good signage on St. Clean, well organized store. Friendly knowlegeable staff who can field questions about polyrythyms and help you understand better. Great quality drum for excellent and competitive price. Happy to put money down on drum and do lots of business with your fine store. Thanks and see you soon!
Gregory Phillips February 28, 2018

I don't know very much about the instrument I was buying and Eric was very helpful with the selection, as was the other staff member whose name I forget.
Rushat February 28, 2018

Eric was great and connects with customers.
Mark Macaulay February 28, 2018

Liam and Gary were soo extremely helpful! I had visited long and mcquade and the service was I visited your store and Liam and Gary were amazing! Soo very helpful and knowledgeable....I would not hesitate to recommend your store!
Jason February 28, 2018

Awesome work especially considering the huge challenges of the digital age. I really do t know what I could suggest. Obviously prices are difficult but I think you guys are doing pretty good.
Ryan Clark February 28, 2018

Eric Cheng quickly replied to my email request to have a book held for same-day pick up. He not only saved the book I needed, but also another similar version of the book, so that I have a choice to choose from.
Ricky February 28, 2018

Alex was phenomenal in his level of service! His consulting and willingness to actually come to our church and eq a product goes far beyond any service I’ve previously received from any music/ pro-audio dealer.
Mike Bakker February 28, 2018

We were impressed with Daniel’s knowledge and experience. He was most helpful and friendly.
Janine Fijal February 28, 2018

Daniel took care of me right away by stringing my guitar and giving me some tips so that I maybe able to do it in the future. Real enjoyable experience
Bruce Ehl February 28, 2018

As an older customer I was very pleased to be served by someone in my age category who understood that I would take time and be discerning in my quest for an instrument. His patience and sense of humour and knowledge as well as level of service were the deciding factor for me over your competition.
rd wraggett February 28, 2018

Absolutely excellent customer service
Gordon Campbell February 28, 2018

daniel was very helpful an knowledgeable.
debbie thomas February 28, 2018

Mark provided excellent service, his knowledge was impressive and we will be coming back to see him when the time comes to upgrade the keyboard we purchased
Christine West February 28, 2018

Very nice and helpful employees.
Emma bobyk February 28, 2018

Our shopping experience was friendly and fast, which we needed at this time of year haha
JUDITH A. PICCOLO February 28, 2018

Love this store! Tyrell and Gary and the crew are AMAZING! I have purchased several guitars, cases and the accoutrements (strings, pedals, picks, etc.) and will only shop at Tom Lee. The staff are super knowledgeable and friendly and remember us. In this day and age, it is nice to be treated like we matter (people vs just dollar signs). Customers for life!
Yvonne Slater February 28, 2018

Amazing Service! I got everything I wanted in a professional and timely manner.
Jennifer February 28, 2018

David Collins is a wonderful person to talk to about purchasing a piano. Referred students his way for their piano purchase inquiries. Thank you David & Tom Lee for also supporting our young students' Encore concert last October.
christine February 28, 2018

Store was great and Daniel was very knowledgable and a great guy
Kevin MacLeod December 12, 2017

Incredible customer service on our visit today. Helpful, knowledgeable, and listened to me, the customer. Doesn’t get any better!
Diane Campbell December 12, 2017

I received prompt service, found what I wanted and was in and out in 5 minutes.
Ellen Stauffer December 12, 2017

It was the end of the day and Daniel gave me all the time in the world and showed me and discussed your guitars. Very knowledgeable and I was impressed. I bought the acoustic guitar that evening.
Brent Walde December 12, 2017

This man who assisted me was very helpful and easy to talk to. I was very impressed.
D December 12, 2017

Dan was very nice and helpful regarding the Rode Mic I Purchased.
Michael J Hutchison December 12, 2017

Don't lose the price competitiveness - that's why I keep coming back to your store/s
Veer December 12, 2017

Love that the lady at the security desk was able to hang on to my other shopping bags for me!
Connie Boston December 12, 2017

Simon is an excellent manager who really looks after his staff.
Prad Basu December 12, 2017

Colin and Daniel Sveinson were so helpful, I would totally come back and shop at Tom Lee Langley again.
Lara Gray December 12, 2017

I can't say enough good things about Gary and his staff at the millstream market location in Victoria!! Gary and the staff went the extra mile for me and helped me find the perfect gift for my husband!!! I will be recommending them to all of my family and friends! And I will be going back there for all of my musical needs!! Such a great environment and just outstanding service :)!!
Crystal Pacheco December 12, 2017

I drove to Victoria from up Island to see Gary specifically to purchase a ukulele. He is one of the most kind people I have ever met, and so knowledgeable and helpful. I have been out of music for about 17 years and survived cancer, so it took a lot of courage to walk back into a music store again. In short, Gary has changed my life for the better. I purchased an Islander Ukulele.
Brenda Johima December 12, 2017

very prompt courteous service
Joady Bell December 12, 2017

Great service as usual. Had the music books/case we wanted and also checked out violin for my daughter.
Jaclyn hull November 07, 2017

Shelly is extremely knowledgeable, very helpful and very patient. She helped us to decide which piano to buy for our daughter. She is the reason why we purchased our piano from your location instead of Long and Mcquade where my daughter takes her piano lesson. Thank you Shelley for all your help. We had an awesome experience at your store.
Marie Petines November 07, 2017

Great customer service!
Carson Tews October 31, 2017

staff was very helpful in helping me select my first electric guitar; I am new to guitar this year, and the staff made it easy for me to pick a guitar that suited my budget and my expectations.
Mike Short October 31, 2017

Great place to shop music stuff.
Sasha Assefi October 31, 2017

Eric was always willing to take time to answer my questions and play the instruments so that I can compare them with no pressure selling
Ahmadreza Mehjoo October 31, 2017

It was nice to be greeted upon entering the store, given space and then offered knowledgeable support when needed. Very approachable and friendly staff. Was a great experience. The store environment is very uniform just from memory. Would be good to have a bit of warmth in their aesthetics.
Carey Selk-Rodger October 24, 2017

One of the best shopping experiences I've had in a long time. Caring, informative and approachable staff. ?? Thank you for putting customer service a priority, we felt it!
Melody October 24, 2017

Good service and friendly staff.
Michelle Kan October 17, 2017

Very friendly and helpful staff. Always able to offer advice and suggestions regarding our musical needs.
Danielle HORGAN October 17, 2017

The new location is great, super well organized and easy to navigate. Sean was very helpful and located what I was looking for very quickly even though I didn't quite have the name of it correct at first. I was going to purchase on Amazon, but sense the price was competitive @ TLM, I went to the store instead.
Crystal Beers October 17, 2017

excellent staff and go out of their way to help.
Don Fulton October 17, 2017

Really enjoyed dealing with Gary. I was buying a ukulele and his advice was both helpful and interesting
Cam Russell October 07, 2017

This service was at our church location. Alex Toney drove to our location to install the purchased equipment and train our team on how to use it. Very thorough information and encouraged all our staff and volunteers. Alex went way above and beyond the call of duty! He will continue to be the first one we call for additional purchases.
Lee Boehm October 07, 2017

Syam Prakash Somasekharan October 07, 2017

Eric Gross, is a prime example of an excellent Manager and Sales Person, I had a few problems and he resolved them with the greatest of care. Best $1500 I have spent - and I will be returning purely because of how great Eric is.
Michael van den Heever October 07, 2017

It was amazing service, everyone was polite and we really enjoyed our visit
Preety September 26, 2017

Gary made my shopping experience easy and I felt he went above and beyond. I was going in to just look at ukuleles but he was so helpful and found me an uke that I felt connected and so comfortable that I had to get it. He also did not make it about price or make me feel like he was trying to upsell me but inside trying to help me find 100% what was going to be right for me. Quickly got the strings switched for me to be lefty so I could have no purchasing objections and got it done for next day so that I could start lessons the next day. Best shopping experience in long time!! Thank you guys so much. Everyone in the store seemed helpful and they really worked together well. Don't need contact back but if you would like to I don't mind talking about my great service I received.
Jaclyn Hull September 26, 2017

The Richmond store had advertised a 4x12 cabinet at one price online thru craigslist .. and when I asked the Victoria store to bring it in for me all of a sudden it had a different price on it ( priced in Richmond . Higher price than advertised ) I explained the situation to Gary and he gave me the originally advertised price .. customer service is not dead after all thanks Gary
Keith Congdon September 26, 2017

I don't remember the name of the guy who helped me, but he was awesome. The store was not too busy, so he took the time to explain how a couple of different models worked, let me try one on his computer, and offered some great advice as to what kind of product would be best for my needs. I think there could have been a little more variety to choose from, but in the end I bought the one he showed me. Keep up with the great customer service!
Jose Alejandro Zarazua September 26, 2017

Great guy! Friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgable, good salesperson.
Don Cal September 26, 2017

Stacy has been rally help throughout our instrument purchase providing advice and support to my daughter.
Kate Grossman September 26, 2017

The service is always professional knowledgable , sincere and helpful.
Erin Dunn September 26, 2017

Daniel was helpful and knowledgeable. He even played the piano for us when my daughter asked him to.
Shelley Beddow September 26, 2017

Great store, great employees, only suggestion is to carry higher end guitar gear rather than just the basics.
Quinton Daem September 26, 2017

The staff was great in pulling together a large order for me in the morning so I could just make a quick stop and grab the books. The young guy at the till was super polite.
Eleanor Tracey September 26, 2017

Nothing negative! Jordi was amazing to deal with
Katie howes September 26, 2017

While on vacation we went to three tom lee store. One on Granville st, one in Nanaimo and they helped us track down the guitar we wanted in Surrey. They held it for us and we raced over to Surrey to buy it. Love tom lee !!
Paula Nelson September 26, 2017

We inherited an acoustic guitar from a dear friend that was strung for left handed use and Ken restrung it for us, changed the bridge around and was extremely helpful in his explanations of what needed to be done. We went to lunch and were called to advise our guitar was finished within an hour. He showed us similar guitars and explained to us the differences between different models and gave us information about our guitar. Also, we were extremely impressed with your display of guitars and other musical instruments and I decided to buy a set of bongo drums which I have not used since I was 16 years old. All in all it was a very good experience and I would gladly shop in your store again.
Steve Smith September 26, 2017

Gary was super helpful and knowledgeable about the products he was selling and made my experience in his store very enjoyable
Colton Craddock September 26, 2017

I'm a new shopper at this store, and I was purchasing an instrument that I have never played before (violin). The clerk helping me was VERY kind and explained everything that I needed to know, and even was helpful enough to suggest a few good books to learn from.
Guest September 26, 2017

Super nice guys, very helpful and no pressure. Seem to truly enjoy their work.
Tricia Hardy September 26, 2017

Jordan was very helpful--I was buying a quitar as a gift and was connected via messenger on my cell with my son who was helping me--Jordan answered all our questions and played the guitar and made this a great shopping experience--and my husband is thrilled with the guitar
Sheryl Harding September 26, 2017

Great customer experience today. Thanks to Gary Moughtin at the Millstream, Victoria location, he quickly acknowledged my arrival, and thoroughly helped with all my purchasing needs. Definitely will be recommending Gary along with his colleagues at this location to my family/friends. Great attitude, Solid advice, Perfect customer service... Thanks - John
John September 26, 2017

Nothing result to add, was looking forward to going to the music store and the brilliant service and just general chipper attitude of the whole deal made it that much better of an experience. Will come back for sure.
Leon Brown September 26, 2017

I always come to this store first.The guys here really care about the customers.very friendly and knowledgeable.
Pat Parent September 26, 2017

Staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.
Kelvin Tay September 26, 2017

It was pleasant dealing with Gary. It isn't everyday I have been treated by someone who practices the old fashion values. It was great to have Gary talk with me and not to me. I will be back.
Don McGhee September 26, 2017

For several years my wife and I have shopped at your Nanaimo store, sometimes reluctantly.When leaving the store we would often comment on how untidy and disorganized the store was. The incentive to shop at Tom Lees Music was not highly motivating. However over the last year we noticed a perceptible change in the overall appearance of the store. The shop floor was tidy and free from the clutter of boxes, displays were well organized and free from dust. Especially noticeable and appreciated was a new and refreshing response to customer needs, thankfully all of these changes have continued.
The much needed transformation of the store and attitude of the staff is due to the not so new manager Carolyn Butula. We did not know Carolyn until she took over management of the store, she has a delightful personality, is highly motivated and no product however small, if not readily available she or a staff member will attempt to locate the item for you
An outstanding example of the staff concerns the new Taylor Mini Bass guitar. My wife wanted to purchase this instrument since the beginning of May this year. Due to high demand the guitar was virtually impossible to purchase but thanks to the persistent checking by Thomas at the store we now have the instrument. The commitment of Thomas is but one example of responding to and attempting to meet customer requests.
One concern we do have is that the store does not appear large enough for all the stock you carry.
We now enjoy going to Tom Lee Music and express our appreciation to Carolyn and her staff.
Geoffrey and Rosalind Dixon.
Geoffrey H.G. Doxon September 26, 2017

-friendly and welcoming when I came into store
-knew the guitar I was looking for and found one for me
-put new battery in pickup and found original gig bag
Thomas Gauntley September 26, 2017

Awesome knowledgable staff
Anita Dowdle September 26, 2017

The guy that served me at the cash register was very friendly and forward. He got me everything I needed and was engaging enough that left me satisfied to come again in the future. Usually I go to Long and Mcquade however, him alone has changed me views of this store as a whole.
Joseph Park September 26, 2017

Gary was really helpful!
Isaac Harper September 26, 2017

Having suffered the loss of my beloved Seagull S6, I decided to replace it with a Godin A12. Almost impossible to find. After calling nine other guitar stores in Vancouver to find stock, six of which could not be bothered to even return my call, I resigned myself to the fact it would need to be ordered.

My first stop is always Tom Lee Victoria, but when I was told there were none in any of your stores I started to look around. After finding one in Alberta, I decided to instead call Gary and Paul to see what they could do. I would rather wait and get it from your Victoria store than purchase from Axe Music online. Godin's other dealer in Victoria told me that he had sold one the day previous, and had one coming in soon, but somehow could not take the time to call me back as promised. I guess the sale of the A12 and a decent acoustic amp like a Fishman Loudbox is not important enough to warrant a call to a customer. Lesson learned, I won't bother to ever phone them again, let alone walk into their store.

And no, it wasn't about price, it's about the absolutely excellent service we always get from Gary and his staff. We have purchased 9 guitars along with Amps, electronic drums, Bugle, trombone and several other items over the last two years. So we have had ample opportunity to see the staff in action and continue to provide us with excellent service time and time again. Your staff always makes a point of greeting us. They are always willing to help with technical questions, and were absolutely willing to spend the time with my teenage girl to help her find exactly the right acoustic electric Art & Lutherie guitar for her including Paul teaching her how to properly change the strings out for the new Elixer strings before she even brought it home. Paul didn't just change them, he took the time to teach her.

So thank you, and thanks to Gary and Paul for working so hard with their staff to ensure they give the sort of customer service that is so desperately needed here in Victoria.
Peter R Lambert September 26, 2017

I checked the stock of my item through the phone, and they told me they had one left and offered to put it on hold (without me asking) which was nice. I was also lucky and the item was on sale on the day I picked it up! Very happy, even though it was mostly due to my luck, but the staff were very easy/friendly to deal with too. They also double checked for me that the item was unopened through the phone, as it was the last one.
Denis Korkut September 26, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in your store, while recently buying my Epiphone ES-339. Kurt Thys was nothing short of fantastic. His entire approach with me, and the answering of my many questions was wonderful. There are a lot of good music stores in the GVRD, but the excellent customer service and the way I was made to feel while in your Surrey location, was really something:

I will be returning in the future for my music needs! Thank you Kurt, for giving your time and invaluable experience, in making my guitar selection process so comfortable and enjoyable.

My industry is heavily dependant on customer service; and it is such a pleasure to feel like I do now, after being in your store. Cheers!
Steve Slater September 21, 2017

From the very beginning in my quest for my perfect ukulele, Tom Lee Music, especially through the beyond the call of duty help from Shauna DaGruchy, bringing in ukes from all over for me to try, and Ed Laslo who assisted me for 3 hours trying them all, I finally ordered my Kala Koa 2 Concert Elite, and it's magical! This was no easy task and these folks held my hand through the whole process, including making sure it was here from the manufacturer in time for me to play at a family wedding. Amazing staff, kudos to Tom Lee North Vancouver too for all their help as well!!
Pattie Bessette September 21, 2017

The energy in this store is casual, welcoming and helpful. Service is genuine and friendly with no pressure focuses on providing excellent information and asking pertinent questions to find the best product fit. You want to go back, there is no need to run around and comparison shop. Just deal with Tom Lee and not only will you get what you are looking for, but you will enjoy the process. Thanks.
Debbie Aadland June 23, 2017

Daniel was fantastic and really made a huge effort to win my business. Really appreciated!
Mario Vaira June 06, 2017

jean was understanding on my son's skill level, didn't try to oversell us, and made us feel appreciated. ill be back again and again, thanks
david samson June 06, 2017

Customer service was outstanding both days I went shopping. I'm a complete novice and Daniel really was patient with me answering all my rookie questions. Lucas also assisted at one point. Both excellent. Far superior service compared to a competitor shop we went to earlier in the day.
Brian Benson June 06, 2017

Very polite and helpful staff. I also dealt with Eric previously and was very impressed with the assistance and advice received. Great guys !..Good shopping experience !..
Boris Cure-Boulay May 25, 2017

The staff at Tom Lee in Victoria have always been friendly and helpful. I love going into the store.
Roberto Correia May 18, 2017

All staff members were very friendly and helpful!
Tanya Reddekopp May 10, 2017

The clerk that assisted was VERY helpful. My son is just started out and needed some guitar supplies and the clerk was very helpful. I can't remember if his name was David or Daniel.
Kathy Overgaard May 10, 2017

Very friendly and not rushed or pressured into purchasing our newest instrument. Very impressed and confident with the service we received at the North Vancouver Store.
Customer May 05, 2017

The staff member that I dealt with was knowledgeable about the equipment and helpful in making my final decision.
David Savoy May 04, 2017

Gary and Casey also helped. All of them were very helpful finding what I wanted at a decent price
Warren MacKinnon April 29, 2017

I am in a leadership position of a university christian campus ministry, and was assisted amazingly well by Alex. I massively appreciated his diligence in ensuring that our club got the best sound system we could on the budget we had. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Nathan April 29, 2017

Unreal staff very kind and knowledgeable.
David Grover April 29, 2017

Don't have any complaints. Unreal staff very kind and knowledgeable.
David Grover April 22, 2017

All the staff at this store are exceptional. They have always been very helpful, very polite and always enthusiastic.

On a previous date, Paul helped an elderly friend of mine who had an old Baritone ukulele. He tinkered and fussed with it, doing some minor adjustments, replaced a string and charged next to nothing for his work. My elderly friend and I were touched and very impressed.

On the most recent visit, I purchased a couple of music books. Eric was so helpful and enthusiastic. I am new to music and he was extremely sensitive to that matter and didn't make me feel inferior or embarrassed for my lack of knowledge.

My only concern with your store is the limited number of ukulele straps that your store offers. I had to go to Vancouver (Bone Rattle) to get a proper ukulele strap.

I am new to ukulele. With the help of a couple other people, I have formed the North Vancouver Ukulele Club. We can sometimes be as few as 6 or as many as 20 + people at a gathering. We are small but there is a real market for straps with this group. I also help a couple of people practise ukulele in an Assisted Living complex. They too could use straps. There is a market for what I call ukulele straps. They are just like the colourful guitar straps, only very thin and more suited to the smaller ukulele.

There are now a couple of people offering ukulele lessons on the North Shore, so I believe you have a very untapped market in the ukulele strap department.

You are my first choice music stop.
Jane Paddon April 22, 2017

Very friendly and helpful service. Relied on Chad's knowledge and experience when making our selections.
Audrey Hamade April 22, 2017

I was at the door as they opened and I had the best service ever. I needed to purchase my item as quickly as possible for a TV show, no hassles, quick and efficient.
A Customer April 22, 2017

Chad was extremely friendly and knowledgable.
Trevor Crane April 18, 2017

Kurt was terrific. He demonstrated, explained, answered questions, assisted in preparing the keyboard for loading, helped with the loading, all the while providing additional information about Yamaha, in general, and the 660 in particular. I had done research, I had talked to other stores, a lot of stores actually, and this was the first one that actually could provide the answers I required. As a keyboard player, this was the best experience I have had in over twenty years, of dealing with keyboards, recording gear, and all the other "stuff" associated with playing, and recording.
John Harper April 18, 2017

We went to your North Vancouver store for three visits, and also spoke to the staff over the phone a couple of times. Your guys there are friendly, helpful and gave us thoughtful advice. They all seemed to be happy to assist us, and that inspired confidence in us to make our purchase, and to look at Tom Lee Music first before anywhere else.
Lee Gibson April 13, 2017

Keep up the good work.
Paul Dean April 13, 2017

Rosa was very sweet and eager to help with anything; went out of her way to show me items to help with my purpose. Amber was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and was able to give me insider's tips. I was hoping to buy 3 things and get information on violins. Of the three items only one was available (Rozin); I was unable to find a hard violin-shapes case and your store was sold out of violin cleaner/shine. Missed opportunities there, however the service was excellent.
Jennifer April 11, 2017

Kurt was very helpful and made me feel very good about the item I was purchasing that day. He even gave me an extra part that I would need for free from some old rental stock he was no longer using. Great customer service, very happy with product, have already recommended this store to others. Will definitely be back. Thanks Kurt!
Shelley Rimmer April 11, 2017

The staff bent over backwards in helping my 11 year old son find a ukulele which he really liked.
Deirdre Pfaff April 06, 2017

The service Alex Tony provided was truly helpful and he is as kind as he was helpful and knowledgeable.
Tim Oh April 05, 2017

daniel was very helpful in helping me select an electric keyboard
Geoff Reid April 04, 2017

Good service overall, clean environment and store organized neatly. Great experience!
A March 29, 2017

Our church, Kwanglim Methodist Church, was in need of a sound system upgrade. Due to our church's scheduling and needing several approvals, the process was slow but Alex Toney aided us every step of the way making great recommendations and helping us arrange everything we needed. We could tell he was going the extra mile to serve our church and we feel so thankful and blessed for his dedication. We really couldn't have done it without him! We just hooked everything up at church last night and it all sounds incredible!!! After 20 years of not upgrading the sound system, everyone is ecstatic! We cannot express how grateful we are to work with your staff even though the process was shaky due to our church policies. I will be recommending more churches and friends to work closely with Alex Toney!
Justin March 29, 2017

I got fast service Sales associate was very friendly and knowledgeable about the products i was interested in. The shop was clean and tidy. A+
Dean McMillan March 29, 2017

Great support for the local Christian worship music community
Neil Bell March 29, 2017

The Surrey store carries John Pearse Guitar strings, not that easy to find !
Bill Newnham March 29, 2017

Amazing service! I went in looking for some new guitars to add to my collection. I meet Gary and immediately hit it off, his knowledge of the instruments and gear was great and really helped me understand a lot of things i didn't know about my favorite model's. One of the best experiences Iv'e had at a music store by far!
Stefan Adam Stinner March 29, 2017

I went to Tom Lee after having a bad experience with Long and McQuade. I was looking for a travel guitar, which are not very common. Tom Lee Langford seemed to have this market on lockdown however, I must had played 10 before settling on one. Gary was very knowledgeable, with a low pressure sales environment. He pointed out things that I wouldn't even know to look for. Definitely a great experience, and will be sure to go back.
Brendan MF Carver March 29, 2017

Lorenzo was very helpful and helped me find what I needed quickly. Excellent customer service.
Brandon Brown March 29, 2017

Have always loved the amazing customer service at Tom Lee (acoustic guitars) I'm treated so courteously, and the salespeople very knowledgable & friendly! Thanks!
Susan McKenzie March 29, 2017

Kyle was good, knowledgeable and went out of his way to make the sale, but wasn't pushy - "a great experience".
Douglas Parker March 09, 2017

excellent service
leo peiwen March 09, 2017

great product great staffs
Harry Zhang March 08, 2017

I loved how the staff made themselves available to help me but we're in no way pushy. Ed was great in explaining the differences in guitars and prices and helping me pick one that was going to work for me. He was extremely knowledgeable and friendly.
Tina Grant March 08, 2017

Eric was very helpful in helping me figure out my OB-6 synth, and he called to ask how it was a couple months after purchase
James Ediger March 08, 2017

I really enjoy chatting with the staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable .
James Wallace March 03, 2017

extremely knowledgeable, friendly
Amanda Smith March 03, 2017

Excellent customer service. Sales staff stayed on task despite various roadblocks and staffing issues in other departments. Very helpful.
Annoymous February 25, 2017

I've been to Tom Lee Music three times over the last few weeks, and will rate each visit separately. The sustained superb service provided by Kurt deserves recognition. January 30 - I placed a follow-up call to Kurt for the potential order of a Neumann microphone set. He returned my call with a generous offer that surpassed the competitors'. This consisted of a discount for the microphone set, and for a foam windfilter I wanted as well. Because of this better value from Kurt and Tom Lee Music, I'll have a bit more to invest in music and else.
Lo Ve February 25, 2017

I've been to Tom Lee Music three times over the last few weeks, and will rate each visit separately. The sustained superb service provided by Kurt deserves recognition. January 29 - I went to the Surrey store in want of a Zoom field recorder. Tom Lee's on-sale price was quite attractive, beating competitors' by a good margin. Kurt assisted me and, as he uses a similar model, encouraged my choice. While finalizing the purchase, I mentioned my interest to buy a Neumann microphone set; but that it would cost me less to do so at Long & McQuade. Kurt would not be undersold. He noticed L&M's packaged price was less than his, but assured that he'd work to provide me an even better bargain next day's afternoon. I will reveal whether he did so in the second shopping experience review.
Lo Ve February 25, 2017

Matthew was very helpful over the phone and was able to provide immediate service when i arrived in-storw
Mike Athanassakis February 22, 2017

Daniel did an excellent job helping us purchase a new guitar and accessories. Being musicians, but new to guitars, we could fully appreciate the level of knowledge that he imparted to us regarding guitar brands in terms of sound quality, sound character and the technology. We're super happy with our purchase and customer experience!
Jeremy Apuada February 22, 2017

Customer service was great, Daniel helped me find what I needed
Elliot Fontaine February 22, 2017

It was really great experience. Nothing else to suggest at this moment
Jonghwan Hwang February 17, 2017

Very satisfied with the whole experience. I only buy my musical equipment from Tom Lee because of this. Will go back for more when I am ready for adding a keyboard to my home studio. Great job!
gansell February 17, 2017

Looking forward to seeing your new location. I hope there's a bigger selection of basses.
Mark Milner February 02, 2017

very courteous and helpful in my decision about my next purchase
Fred February 02, 2017

I like the following things about the Victoria store (in order): Gary provides thoughtful, friendly, and patient customer service. He's good at what he does. Lots of retail experience and guitar knowledge. I also like how laid back, friendly, and knowledgeable about guitar pedals Paul is. The acoustic room and the amp room are both great for purpose. It's a good store. You seem to have a good team there.
Jonathan Dallison February 02, 2017

The guys in the store were friendly, helpful and honest. I felt like I was being helped by a friend.
Tina Walt January 28, 2017

Gary Moughtin he was great, I would buy from him again for sure. best service I have ever had in that store.
Mike Bird January 25, 2017

Everything was great. We had a set price range and Dan showed us what they had available. Were not aware that the guitar we chose was used, but that probably wouldn't have changed our decision. Son loves the way it plays.
Angela Quinn January 24, 2017

I have purchased from this location on numerous occasions and have always had a good experience whether guitar/bass or electronics.
Wayne Morice January 21, 2017

Fantastic Service Rep
Rick Plumley January 21, 2017

We came in for a first guitar for my daughter. Dallas was friendly, helpful, engaging and a pleasure to interact with. He also guided us in the right direction for our purchase, all while making the buying experience for my daughter very positive. Thank you!
Paul Einarson January 18, 2017

Daniel was very helpful and knowledgeable in helping us select the guitar amplifier we were looking for.
Paul Brice January 18, 2017

I like the selection of music books
Derrick Gladwell January 18, 2017

Eric was great - no problems there. My main comment is that as my son went around the store playing different pianos (we are looking to buy a new piano) the store staff did not turn off the background music (radio) which would have greatly aided our evaluation of the instruments.
Court January 18, 2017

Kyle was very helpful when i asked for an out of production gig bag that i like...he went digging through old stock and actually found the last Rokbag that the store had in stock...i'm super happy! great service...
Greg Hampson January 18, 2017

Daniel was so kind to my son and I. We arrived at the store at 5:55, not realizing it closed at 6:00 pm. Daniel took the time to sell my son the ukulele that he desperately wanted. Much appreciated!
Catherine Locher January 12, 2017

I've interacted with three staff on different occasions and found them to be helpful, considerate and polite.
Keith Finnie January 10, 2017

Ordered a Clear Sonic vocal booth through the good people at upstairs in the recording department. It was a big expensive item and had to be special delivered. When it came and I tried to set it up it was all kinds of falling apart. The intent of this message is not to comment on the less than impressive product but how Stephen and the rest of his staff worked with me to make sure I wasnt stuck with it and created a fair outcome. They totally turned a pretty negative situation and made it a positive one. I %100 respect their integrity and dedication to the customer. Incredibly rare these days! Thank you to Stephen and everyone else that's helped me on the road to making my home voice over studio! You'll definitely be seeing more of me!
David Attar January 10, 2017

I'm a beginner wanted to get a great quality harp in order to make learning a positive experience. I researched harmonicas and kept reading great reviews for this harmonica. I was initially going to buy this harmonica on Amazon but was put of by the length of time it would take for them to ship from Japan. Luckily I came across Tom Lee and saw they were selling the harp I wanted and at a price far cheaper than what I could get from Amazon. My decision was made and I walked to their Vancouver store to make my purchase. During the process I noticed they had a great selection of harmonicas (a lot that I had also reviewed) that i was able to compare and confirm that I was making the right choice in buying the Manji. You can't go wrong.
Chris January 06, 2017

I am a good customer of yours - I have bought a lot of equipment from you in the past few years - and I appreciated that Jesse recognized that and treated me appropriately.
Rick Doolan January 05, 2017

Scott is always extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
Linda Patterson December 30, 2016

The Tom Lee store in Langford BC on Vancouver Island is truly the best store I have been in. Your employees go above and beyond everything they already do, to ensure a wonderful shopping experience. Let me tell you, Gary is just a wonderful, kind person. He is incredibly knowledgable of all your product and very paitient with his customers. You are all very lucky to have such a wonderful group of people working for you. Thank you Gary and the gang at the Time Lee Langford location. Happy New Year. Cheers
Donna shannon December 28, 2016

The guy that assisted me on buying the two guitar pedals was really nice and friendly, he gave me great discounts and he even threw in some 9V batteries and cables. The store also has what you're looking for and overall great shopping environment.
Luis Antonio Lopez December 28, 2016

The staff was very friendly and helpful. They assisted me in what I needed quick service. Definitely would go back and recommend my friends Andy family.
Dawn Burke December 28, 2016

Guitar dude downstairs knew alot about amps but not pushy or superior at all, refreshing
Peter Graham December 13, 2016

Thanks so much for the very warm and informational experience! It was nice to have someone help with our purchase
Kelly Yang December 13, 2016

Kyle was friendly and very helpful. I was just getting my guitar restrung but he took care of me well and notice when I was leaving that he said "goodbye friend" even though it was my first time meeting him. Made a good impression on me.
Kevin Taylor December 13, 2016

I can't say enough about the service I received from Gary, I was in to buy my 7 year old son his first guitar and amp ( and get back into music myself). Gray spent the better part of an hour bring me different guitars and chatting with me about them and just music in general. I will be back to purchase a new Gibson fro him in the new year.
Frank Besson December 13, 2016

Just a friendly and helpful bunch of people
Werner Hardekopf December 13, 2016

Service was great, they were very helpful too and they had some very good deals. would highly come again
James Verano December 06, 2016

I just purchased a Roland FP 80 at the Victoria location and I cannot say enough about Simon. He brought the keyboard in for me to see and hear first before making any decision to purchase. He showed me other commendable keyboards that also suited my requirements. He was very helpful in pointing out key features of all keyboards that would have been of interest to me and my purposes. In the end, I purchased the keyboard I've always wanted, and for a very reasonable price. I would most definitely recommend Simon and Tom Lee Music for any musical purchase and advice.
Judy Meszaros December 06, 2016

Dan has always been the best customer service person I have encountered at ANY music store. His personality and attention to what the customer is looking for makes for the best shopping experience. As a result I have purchased a Martin D42 and recently the Martin SSC-OM-35-15 from him. Patience and no pressure service is where he excels. You have a super employee working there who is passionate about making sure the customer is satisfied.
Louise Wilkinson November 29, 2016

Customer service rep was great -- the rep was helpful with looking up a few pieces/books for me on the computer.
Vivian Chow November 24, 2016

Ansel was very enthusiastic and helpful. Excellent customer Service !
Victor November 22, 2016

Ed is GREAT, above and beyond the call of duty to get me set up with an awesome 12 string for a very good price. I'll be seeing him for my next purchase.
Paul Gill November 22, 2016

I have dealt with Tom Lee for years and they consistently provide excellent service and are always friendly .. and genuinely excited to assits and talk about the equipment
Larry Parks November 15, 2016

Thank you so much for the discount someone without a music budget they are my 'lifesaver'
Brenda Khoo November 09, 2016

I attended Tom Lee after visiting other competitor's stores in Victoria which sold Gibson electric guitars. I wasn't overly impressed with the other stores, and Tom Lee was the last one I attended. What a breath of fresh air it was to go to Tom Lee. Not only was there a great selection and prices, and what I needed was in-stock, but the quality of service I got from Gary Moughtin was superior to anything I had gotten anywhere else. Gary treated me like an old friend and helped me find the items I needed. I'm just starting off in music (at 45!!) Gary was so friendly and sold me a Starting guitar book and some pics. He was exceptional at explaining the Gibson Les Paul I had been hunting for. I made my mind up, when it is time to buy a Les Paul, I am going straight to Gary at Tom Lee's, in fact I'm going to do all my business there despite living 1 hour away in Ladysmith, that's how good the service was.
Stephen Barnett November 09, 2016

Ed was helpful finding another adapter as the one in the box was missing.
Frederick Schipizky November 08, 2016

Dan was very knowledgeable and helpful
Don Carter November 08, 2016

Great service!
Nathan Elkan October 26, 2016

Fast and friendly service. Thank you for helping me get what I wanted. Everything is up and running. Take care.
Gary McAvoy October 26, 2016

Great gear and amazing customer service! Thanks guys.
Reid October 26, 2016

As a relatively new guitar player (just under a year), everyone there has been great.
Marcie Helmer September 21, 2016

Good service. Nice location at new store.
Tyrell Curry September 21, 2016

Guys in the store are very helpful with suggestions and knowledge. Really learnt a lot at the store. It's more like talking to friends with a lot of knowledge. Keep up the good works guys!
Jack Wang September 21, 2016

I'm very happy with most of what I find at your store. I'm heavily into recording equip right now and taking a look at the store selection always gets me hyped to buy my next product.
Eric Roberto Coelho September 21, 2016

Keep it up. Everyone in the store was fantastic and helpful. We knew nothing about buying a starter piano to learn to play at 55 and they were awesome and knew their products, friendly and encouraging.
Richard Robinson September 21, 2016

You guys are doing a great job. I especially appreciate that you guys Amazon price match.
Garry Brar September 21, 2016

Always enjoy doing business with you guys. Cheers.
Chris Pulsifer September 21, 2016

Before I went to Langley to pick up my order, I was at Richmond with Mark and was very happy with his informative knowledge.
Susan Xia September 21, 2016

get a lot of guitar stuff from there
Gabriel West September 21, 2016

The staff at the Surrey store are always attentive, friendly, helpful and have great product knowledge.
Dave Hampton September 21, 2016

I always enjoy coming to Tom Lee Music, the selection is great, I always have several staff offer assistance, and there's always some kind of live music going on! I also send my students here.
Annette Droz September 21, 2016

I was in a couple days before this purchase and had Andre set up my son's guitar. Also a great experience.
Andy September 20, 2016

Simon is an amazing sales representative and person. I trust his advice. He was very patient and helpful as I visited Tomlee to consider my options. When I came in on June 15 and said I needed the sale to be completed by June 16 and the trade in moved out June 20th. He made it happen. I will always shop Tomlee and refer others. Thank you Tomlee.
Ruth E McGill September 20, 2016

Darryl was (as usual) a pleasure to deal with. In fact, because Darryl treats me so well and makes me feel welcome each time I visit, Tom Lee Nanaimo is always my first choice to buy gear!
Bruce Kiely September 20, 2016

Dan was very knowledgeable and he spent a long time explaining to me the in and outs of buying new violin strings.
John Yan September 20, 2016

Gary was great to deal with ! I will be buying an amp from him at the end of the month.
Richard Dompnier September 20, 2016

Great - your store had exactly the choices of products that I wanted and your staff member helped me choose the best one for my needs.
Marc Joly September 20, 2016

I am just starting acoustic guitar and Chad was very helpful and informative
Paul September 20, 2016

Great service, satisfied customer
kris September 20, 2016

The selection was amazing! You did not have the Roland FP-30 on the floor yet but it is still very new. I was still able to purchase it from the warehouse so I am happy.
Nico Simon September 20, 2016

Gary made my purchase very easy. Called in looking for a beater guitar and Gary let me know the guitars in the range I was looking at and their relative condition. Found this appealing and was in the store within 15 minutes. Located Gary and he helped me look at the 6 or 7 guitars that were in my price range. He listened to what my needs were (I had quit playing due to medical reasons) and he made suggestions that were very helpful. I tried out the 3/4 size guitars, fell in love with one and purchased it. Gary recommended some light strings to make it easier for my hands, and I also purchased a nice soft case for my new toy. All in all, I was in and out of the store with everything I needed in a relatively short time. Gary listened to my needs and fulfilled them thoughtfully.
Matt Patenaude September 20, 2016

Gary was incredibly helpful with my purchase. I had bought a Fender ukulele and the pickup did not work. Gary was very apologetic and his customer service was fantastic. I received my new ukulele very quickly and it was tuned and tested waiting for my arrival. I asked about different instruments and he was very knowledgeable and helpful. Gave me some really good advice. I will definitely shop their again!!
Al Barton September 20, 2016

The service was great
Norman Hoffmann September 20, 2016

I'm happy with the service very nice experience
Patrick Berthelotte September 20, 2016

Tyrell Beal was a great help. Also note that Gary was a huge help in answering my questions, as he helped a family select a guitar for their son. Gary included me in that conversation. His passion was evident! A number of years ago, when your store was on Blanshard Street near the Victoria arena, I took keyboard lessons from your staff. After 1 particular session my power plug was missing. I phoned the next day, and was told they'd locate it and it would be waiting. When I attended the store they hadn't found my power source, so they gave me a new one. No questions asked. Several days later I found my own power source. That small act of looking after your customer meant a great deal. That is why I bought at Tom Lee Music.
Randy Park September 20, 2016

I don't normally shop at Tom Lee as I have a particular individual I deal with at local competition. I wasnt planning on buyig anything on this day but from the moment I walked into the store and was warmly greeted by Gary, I knew I was going to purchase a new Telecaster from this store. Gary took the time to listen to me and get to know my playing style and what I was after. He was patient and not pressuring at all yet closed the sale with ease. I have a new store to by my gear at will happily recommend Tom Lee Music to everyone I come across. A sincere thank you.
Shaun Groenesteyn September 20, 2016

Impressed by the experience and expertise of the staff
Deborah Dompierre September 20, 2016

Always a good time at Tom Lee!
Chris Hyndman September 20, 2016

i went online and chose a store pick up. The reply was received within a reasonable time.
Ritsu Yamamura March 19, 2016

It's great instrument music store in Canada.
Ali Paridar March 19, 2016

I go out of my way to visit Tom Lee when I want to take a gander or make a purchase. Really good customer service and the employees have a thorough understanding of what they are selling. Not shallow and dumb like other music stores that just say this product is good and this one isn't with out being able to explain why. Tom Lee all the way!
Brian Slowsky March 19, 2016

I have dealt with Tyrell multiple times and he is always very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.
Stephen Jaundrew March 19, 2016

Great new drum section setup! Much better layout of cymbals, definitely more is better :)
Amanda Smith March 19, 2016

Shauna was extremely friendly and helpful. She noticed that there was a buzzing sound coming from the ukulele I chose to purchased so she asked a colleague to help and he went down to get it fixed. When they realized that it was a manufacturing default, they got another one for me and took the time to explain what was the problem and why I should or shouldn't be worried. Shauna also noticed that the bag it came with was stained so got another one for me. Overall, I was really impressed by the great service.
Ginette Law March 19, 2016

The service was excellent!
Larry Scott March 19, 2016

I've visited the Surrey store a total of 3 times recently, and all those times, your staff have always been approachable and willing to help. Kyle was especially patient and helpful when he dealt with my complicated order.
Angelie Suarez March 19, 2016

Came to Tom Lee and Daniel gave us all the info and help we needed. It Was nice going to a store where the employee makes you feel welcome for having questions and not stupid for having no experience with products. Great guy and experience.thanks!
Chris St.Cyr March 19, 2016

David (Vancouver store) was a fantastic help when I was looking to buy a new digital piano. Definitely recommend him and Tom Lee Music. Great service!
Rachel Zander March 12, 2016

Adam helped my son by assessing a ukalala that his grandfather had passed on to him. My son knew it sounded different from the one he used at school but didn't know why. Adam had such a nice personality with my son and explained everything to us. He said he could make a change by simply changing one string or my son could use it as it was. Adam must have known that this was not going to result in a large sale, but never led on that we were wasting his time and we never felt rushed. I like to tell people where I have had great service and would recommend your store to anybody based on our experience with Adam. My son was beaming when he left that store and he too will not forget the service Adam provided. We did not tell Adam that my son is interested in purchasing a guitar, and when he is ready to do so, I know where and to who he will be heading to make such a purchase.
Christine Fowler March 05, 2016

Very knowledgeable employee and customer focused....two of the most difficult qualities to find!
Larry Towns March 04, 2016

Extremely knowledgable and experienced. Very helpful and professional.
Alan Boulier March 04, 2016

Renee was very helpful. The book we wanted was not available but Renee was able to quickly get the order setup.
Joan Markwart March 04, 2016

Overall satisfied. You were sold out of the Ernie Ball regular slinky strings I was originally looking for, but the staff convinced me to try out the new Cobalt Slinky strings and I am excited to see how they sound. Thanks very much
Madison Mahon March 04, 2016

the best music stor ever .they helped me whith all my needs . and i feel like i got the best prices for my trade ins.service was great. and i went home verry happy.
Brian Shkuratoff March 04, 2016

I always get great service from Mark Wilburn. He is the best.
Donald Ganja March 04, 2016

Great staff - David Carr and Eric were a big help in selecting my new guitar
Danny Foslien March 04, 2016

Everyone at the store is always super helpful and friendly.
Ellick Kwan March 04, 2016

Daniel was awesome. He let me sample several guitars both beginner and pro level to see the difference, just amazing service
Mike Mehlmann March 04, 2016

Thank you so much to this specific branch! I received an amazing welcome, the atmosphere was great, and all the staff was working diligently! :) Keep it up Tom Lee
Liz Lee March 04, 2016

Dan was very polite and very helpfull to me to decide to buy the next up level product it was his knowledge that really helped me thankyou Dan.
Gary Wayne Smith March 04, 2016

I felt compelled to commend this young man for his exceptional service when I came shopping for a gift. I had no knowledge of the products at all--he was exceptionally patient, knowledgeable, and did not try to sell me higher-priced products, but tried to match my actual needs with the right product. I felt respected and valued. I have a very musical son--we're likely to spend a lot of money over the years on musical and digital gear. Treating a new customer that way guarantees future income for your store because I will choose to go there first and loyalty will grow, potentially gaining a loyal lifetime customer in my son as well. I am grateful for the excellent service and Jaeden needs to be recognized for a job well done.
Leanne March 04, 2016

This is my regular Tom Lee location and I have a always been extremely pleased with the guitar products and helpful and friendly staff. I've just taken up the banjo and would like to see more banjo related items like cases or gigbags and straps (had to special order one , and as always, was given awesome service in ordering one ).
Jean Perry March 04, 2016

This store is extremely friendly, professional with great knowledgeable staff.
A. Walker January 27, 2016

I had a great experience at Tom Lee. I bought my first Electric Guitar and Gary helped me out a lot!
Rylee Honecker January 27, 2016

Kurt provided excellent service and product knowledge which enabled me to select the right instrument. He was very attentive and patient.
Mike Tim January 27, 2016

great place to shot for music and very friendly!
Negin Paydarfar January 27, 2016

Erika took the time to go over the instrument with us an make sure that it was in good condition before we bought it. She explained how to care for our new to us trombone and gave us tips on cleaning it. Very helpful! My son is so excited to have an instrument of his own! Thanks so much for the extra care and attention that you have shown Erika. I can tell you love what you do!
Miriam Lambert January 27, 2016

James was really helpful and offered valuable information about every technical specification of the guitar I was interested in. I ended up buying the Gibson guitar he recommended.
Juan Jose Cruz Martinez January 08, 2016

On the afternoon of Monday, January 4th, a customer fell to the floor convulsing at the rear of the sales floor. Upon staff noticing the customer was in distress, Carolyn immediately took control of the situation and placed the customer into a safe position while the seizure continued. At this time, Perry was already speaking to the 911 operator while other staff prepared for EMS to arrive. Carolyn cared for the customer until their arrival a few minutes later. Thank you for ensuring our customer was safe during their medical emergency, Carolyn. Great teamwork!
Annoymous January 27, 2016

Thank you for a great experience and a great price on the microphone I picked up. I am a pianist, and it was nice talking to Colin after playing on one their Steinways.
Anthony Spencer January 08, 2016

Excellent service! Friendly, knowledgeable staff.
Eithne January 08, 2016

Customer service has been superb everytime I have walked through the doors. Attention without any pressure.
John R Taylor January 08, 2016

Just prior to Christmas I brought in my son's guitar for repair. I explained that i hoped to surprise my son with the repaired instrument for Christmas. Matthew was not able to find the required part in the store. Alternatively he offered to take a part from his own guitar and bring it in from home. I returned with my son's guitar the next day and Matthew repaired the guitar and installed new strings. The repaired guitar was a hit with my son. Thank you Matthew. You are the best!
Brian Petsnick January 07, 2016

awesome selection and prices with great service
Brian Tancock January 07, 2016

Alex was very helpful and he seemed to genuinely care about what he was talking about.
Enzo Zachary DiMichele January 07, 2016

I originally went to buy a guitar input bezel. I struck a conversation with Gary, great guy. We hit it off, into the same kind of music, guitars, etc. I ended up leaving with a brand new tube amp head with matching cabinet and almost forgot the bezel. Gary is a great asset, full of knowledge and experience. I will definitely exclusively go to Tom Lee music from now on!!!
Paul Patenaude January 07, 2016

Alex is extremely knowledgable, helpful and professional. He is the one I come to see when I purchase items.
Alan Boulier January 07, 2016

All the staff were great. Despite the store being busy at the time, they made sure to at least greet each customer that came in.
Joseph Landicho January 05, 2016

Always a good experience in your store. We have bought instruments for both our kids along with supplies.
Bob Syms January 05, 2016

My son is 13 and Gary was able to relate to him and make this a memorable shopping experience.
Julie Syrard January 02, 2016

i forgot the staff member who helped me, but he gave me very good input on a product i was considering to buy
Jory Luz January 01, 2016

I visited the store a few times to try out the acoustic guitars, purchased a Fender guitar at first on Nov 12 but went back the next day to change to a Laviree, all these time I was helped by Matt, don't know his last name. He was very helpful and knowledgable, and very pleasant.
Fred Lam December 28, 2015

Wonderful service, undivided attention. Gary found the best bass guitar with our son's musical style and level of experience.
Gwen Parkes December 12, 2015

I just want to express my daughter, Dayna and I had a very positive experience in this store. Dayna was looking for a guitar book for her husband for his birthday. He is into Pink Floyd. She found a Pink Floyd guitar book but it was about $30.00, more than what she wanted to spend, as the two of them are on a tight budget. I spoke with Kurt Thys, the Assistant Manager there, and mentioned that my daughter wanted this guitar book for her husband but didn't want to spend $30.00 on it. He knocked the price down to $10.00 for it and through in a few other items. Kurt has demonstrated excellent customer service which I mentioned to him. We would gladly recommend shopping at this location. The staff there are extremely helpful and very friendly. Sincere regards, Linda Ypenburg.
Linda Ypenburg December 23, 2015

Casey was amazing to deal with. We came in for a loop peddle for our son and he let us know all of the ins and outs and took the time to show us how it worked. We have purchased 2 guitars and many accessories there and always received excellent service. Thank you
Linda Barley December 23, 2015

Daniel Changed the strings on my guitar for nothing, he was great
Loretta ( Lori) Humphrey December 18, 2015

Nicholas is a very knowledgeable and very friendly employee, he taught me a lot about products and he is very personable and courteous. I really like to go to this store because I always had a very peasant shopping experience.
Gabor Szucs December 15, 2015

Dan was awesome. He really helped me out in selecting a new delay pedal, and I actually believe that he cared about me and I wasn't just some dude off the street! So awesome, and great experience. I will return!
Bill Mellow December 15, 2015

Tyrell was awesome. Took time, was really knoweledgable, loved music. Had the option to buy elsewhere for a bit cheaper, but customer service and knowledge won.
Joshua Jones December 12, 2015

The store manager Kyle is a great guy who goes above and beyond for his customers.
Bryan Hoff December 12, 2015

Your store in Victoria has a very welcoming, all inclusive atmosphere compared to another large name music store(which I won't name) in the same city. I felt like the staff I met were very interested in helping me without talking down to me. They answered all my questions about the line of guitars I was interested in. They shared tips and information The staff member Gary was very personable made me feel comfortable and at home. A big thank you to your store and I will pass on my recommendations to others.
Len Platt December 03, 2015

Staff were very knowledgeable and answered all our questions about digital pianos.
Matthew Phillips December 01, 2015

Ed was so knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I bought a Taylor GS mini which I am ecstatic about. I also brought my old guitar to Dave in the repair shop and got terrific service from him. So impressed with the staff at Tom Lee. I am from Ottawa visiting my son who lives in Vancouver and so happy that I made my purchase at the Tom Lee store in Vancouver. My experience with an Ottawa store was awful so now I have a store I can count on when I come to Vancouver.
Marg McCarthy November 28, 2015

The staff was exceptionally helpful and friendly, offered advise, provided some instruction and business cards to call back if we had any trouble using the equipment and is so familiar with the equipment that he can likely guide us over the phone! Very impressed with the professionalism and the friendly atmosphere. Felt intimidated going in and left feeling the opposite.
Lori Douglas November 26, 2015

I wasn't planning on buying a guitar that day. Mine were old but ok. I visited the store with a friend who was looking to buy a classical guitar. Gary met us in the acoustic guitar room, unlocked the cases and let us try a few beautiful guitars. One we tried was the Martin GPCPA4. That guitar sounded amazing, moreover it made me a better player right away. The tone made people stop and look, even Gary just listened. Since I wasn't planning on buying a guitar, let alone a two thousand dollar guitar, I took a few minutes to decide. Gary and I spoke about the great work Tom Lee does in the community and the long list of services Tom Lee offers. The Victoria store has a very clear passion for customers, music and the community. The guitar, Gary and Tom Lee overall made my decision easy. I am a very happy owner of my first Martin. We bought my daughter a piano from Tom Lee a few years ago and it has filled my house with music, now we play together. Thank you.
Ben Leather November 21, 2015

I very much appreciate the time and assistance that Paul Iverson, Dan Klassen, Danny Sveinson, and other Tom Lee staff have provided to get my guitars set up and working properly.
Gerald Johanson November 21, 2015

Dan Klassen went over and beyond to fix my son's guitar...great customer service. Made a very happy little customer. :)
Julie Layland November 04, 2015

I took my 13-year-old grandson to buy his first electric guitar. The sales man Dan took time with him. He let them try several guitars. Checked out another store the price was the same but my grandson said Lex go back to Dan because he was nice to me and the other store did not pay any attention to this young customer
Barbara November 04, 2015

Alex was extremely helpful and assisted me in making choices.
Alan Boulier November 04, 2015

roy and erika were extremely helpful
Taylor Caspersen November 03, 2015

Staff was very helpful and informative
Brian McConkey October 27, 2015

The associate was very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Good customer service!!!
sukhwinder sekhon October 20, 2015

Great check out time.
Daniel Hsu October 02, 2015

Friendly staff
Christine Viana September 29, 2015

Daniel was very accomodating and knoweldgeable
Rob Cenedese September 26, 2015

Super busy with back to school band rentals and all the staff were super helpful and very apologetic for how busy they were
Dionne Milligan September 26, 2015

Daniel offered me the option of purchasing a guitar which was brand new in the box. That was a plus. I really appreciated his initiative of providing the customer with all the options. It is important to tell the customers what you have in stock and in the box. Well done and kudos to him and the Langley store.
Gerson Neiva September 25, 2015

It was a very good deal on my guitar and the product is very high quality! Love the shop!
Natalia Pavanelli September 24, 2015

Adam was great, very knowledgeable, answered my questions and no pressure to buy. I came back on Labour Day and bought my new guitar, I love it!
Sheree Gable September 14, 2015

Ryan was very helpful in selecting an appropriate acoustic guitar for my daughter.
Craig Sundby September 04, 2015

Keep providing awesome service and the amazing catalog of products!
Gabriel August 29, 2015

The Service and Prices are Terrific and Glad they Understand Starting or Professional musicians.
Joe Martineau August 25, 2015

My son and I visited this Tom Lee for the first time today. My son has a distinctive style and he is only 13. Gary approached us we were in the sound booth. He treated my son like a young pro - which he is not. We told Gary that we had recently lost my brother to cancer, but not before he gave my son his first electric guitar. It is the music connection that my son is carrying with him as he remembers his uncle. Gary shared with us that he had just battled and beat cancer. There was a special connection made at that moment. Gary played guitar with my son, showed him all the guitars he might be interested in and even took us back to show us the music hall and let my son have his photo taken at the grand piano. After over an hour of really fun interaction, we only made a very small purchase of a guitar tuner. It didn't matter to either Gary or my son. They had made each others day in a way that my son will never forget. Thanks Gary. You have made a hugely positive impression on my son and I can't thank you enough for that. Best, Deb
Dash Lacroix August 22, 2015

Great shopping experience... David was very knowledgeable with a professional attitude and demeanor... Very satisfied with the entire process!
Don Stenstrom August 14, 2015

Fantastic customer service. I had three people willing to serve me, with Mr. Balbirnie taking the reins when I had questions specific to his knowledge base. He was helpful, polite, patient, friendly, and incredibly helpful.
Mitchel Kennedy August 12, 2015

I visited the store to find out more information on digital and upright pianos. The staff were awesome - great customer service and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend this branch to anyone interested in finding out more information on pianos.
Chelsea Bailey August 12, 2015

The 3 associates I dealt with we great. They understood my concerns and helped me through the transaction. They were friendly and very knowledgeable.
Joel Danyluk August 01, 2015

I was very impressed with Eugene. He was so kind and helpful. I had never purchased this kind of recording equipment and he gave me the option to email him with questions. He's a lovely person and I will shop at Tom Lee again. That is for sure.
Anne Rosenberg July 29, 2015

The staff member was able to get me everything I needed and he was able to inform me of the right products to get.
Ryan McMullen July 29, 2015

I probably had one of the best experiences at Tom Lee Music that I've ever had. I was talking to the sales associate, Jayden, about a capo I had been looking for that was hard to find and he went out of his way to not only find it but order one for me. It wasn't until a couple weeks later that he called me up and asked if I was still interested because it had arrived at the store. He definitely went above and beyond customer service.
Samuel Jung July 25, 2015

Simon was very knowledgeable and helpful and a pleasure to deal with I will definitely visit this location again when i am in the market for future purchases.
Kenneth Cox July 25, 2015

Staff members are very helpful and have an excellent knowledge of what they are selling or service provided.
Satnam Cheema July 21, 2015

Your staff member was very knowledgeable, honest and knew exactly what I was looking for with my level of play. ..I appreciated that . I'll be back . Also , product works perfect. TY
Nick Joseph July 21, 2015

Gary took the time to understand what I was after and really helped me purchase my first guitar. I would certainly look for him the next time in the store.
Steve Curnow July 17, 2015

I was happy with the service and explanation about the product i bought and he covered all warranty details.
John Prentice July 15, 2015

Eric was very helpful and friendly! He had a great connection with my 7 year old son
Santina Milia July 14, 2015

Awesome selection of guitars and very friendly staff willing & eager to help!
Lindsay Hitchcock July 14, 2015

I've recently bought two saxophones from your Granville St. store. A black-lacquered Yanagisawa alto and a Yamaha Custom 82Z ii Limited Edition tenor. The Tom Lee contact person for me was Wayne Wang, and his helpfulness, advice and responsiveness in addressing my needs has been brilliant. He was able to get both saxophones to the store in time for my visit (at a very short notice), had them tested by the relevant technical experts so that playability out of the box would be perfect. He was also able to very kindly arrange shipping of the tenor to my India address, which meant going considerably out of his way to address my needs. This has resulted in a very satisfied customer indeed, all thanks to Wayne! I will be coming by the store during my next visit to Vancouver. Thanks again for a great experience.
Apurva Goswamy July 06, 2015

Staff are always helpful and insightful. Very knowledgeable in music production and performance.
Nathan Aaron Romer July 01, 2015

Dan was very accomodating as I was coming from Kamloops to make my purchase, even suggesting that he could stay behind and wait for me if I was going to be later than the closing time. He was extremely knowledgeable about the product that I was purchasing. (Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI) I will definitely recommend this store to others and will return soon.
Scott Skulmoski July 01, 2015

Jayden ordered a keyboard case from another Tom Lee outlet for me and he gave me excellent service. The case came in when he said it would and he promptly called me when it came in. I've bought guitars, an amp and keyboard from Tom Lee over the years and I've always enjoyed dealing with you guys.
Ralph Belz June 30, 2015

My last visit was very memorable. Chad was very helpful and did all that he can to answer my questions and guide me towards making a satisfactory purchase.
Ferds Micu June 25, 2015

Felt welcome, good customer service.
Alyssa June 25, 2015

Very friendly and helpful employees!
Vanessa Martin June 23, 2015

Wayne was very helpful & friendly. I had inquired about a piano book that I needed to have ordered to this location & he had it there for me within the week! I went in to pick it up and he greeted me and was very helpful in making sure I had everything I needed. I wish all customer service employees were this professional and dedicated, thanks Wayne!
Blythe Hutchings June 17, 2015

Very knowledgeable staff. Took time to explain and demonstrate several amplifiers.
Brian Nelson June 17, 2015

Danny took the time to set up a number of headphones for me to check out. He was very friendly and helpful.
Joe White June 11, 2015

Very helpful staff! Friendly and because of that I will be coming back later this month to purchase two more guitars.
Nicole Randle June 03, 2015

Chad was super friendly and gave lots of advice to me. He re-strung my guitar and also showed me how to. Very good customer support and very friendly.
Ben Eely May 26, 2015

The service was excellent and the item was delivered after 3 business days.
Gerard Lalonde May 22, 2015

I bought a Melodica for my son and was pleasantly surprised that Tom Lee had lots of selection and good prices. The main competitor had none.
Veit Hillebrand May 12, 2015

When I came into the Langley Tom Lee, I was looking for isolation pads. When I left Tom Lee, I left with the pads and a sense of belonging. Jaeden went above and beyond in talking to me about the products I have and the products I plan to purchase. He talked to me not like a customer, but like someone he had just met in the music industry and we began sharing ideas on the gear we use. He showed me what he uses, recommends and what he plans to get in the future. I left the store feeling good about what I had come to buy and the fact that Tom Lee has employees like Jaeden. I have been to the Langley Tom Lee many times in the past but I was specifically impressed with my visit this time and felt I should let someone know. The last time I was in the store I was also taken back by how friendly and how helpful the staff is. I live in White Rock, so it's a bit of a drive to get there, but the trip and traffic is well worth the experience that seems to be the norm at the Langley Store.
Jason Goodman May 09, 2015

The staff at the Langley location are very helpful and approachable. Great job!
Eric Baumgartner May 09, 2015

Niall was very helpful. I told him what I was interested in and he immediately made some suggestions and helped me pick out an instructional book that was at my appropriate level. I was very pleased with my experience.
Justin Falardeau May 06, 2015

Your selection is outstanding. Staff was friendly, encouraging, and had an excellent product knowledge. My friend and I each purchased a strumstick dulcimer and a staff member who wasn't even involved in the transaction came up to us after to ensure us we had left with, "the best instruments in the store." It made our trip special!
Anika Truter May 06, 2015

Dany was a great help on directing on so recording devices and taking the time to show me how to use the device i purchase from him and giving me pointers on how to use all the recording equipment.
Jason Griffith May 03, 2015

Exceptional and friendly service. Alex seemed very interested in the local music community and even my place in it!
Carl Wuorinen May 03, 2015

Wanted to say how helpful your staff member was - I was looking at ukulele's as a gift. She was extremely helpful in offering an overview of selection, chatting about tone, and even grabbed one from the back and tuned it up to demonstrate (which I would end up purchasing). An all around excellent experience.
Brian Paterson May 03, 2015

Great store, good atmosphere, reasonably good selection of acoustic guitars, friendly but respectful staff. Paul Iverson as repairman did excellent work on my damaged guitar. Very pleased.
Kirk Ruch April 22, 2015

This is all very new to me - I just started playing the guitar and Joel was very helpful - he knew what he was talking about and I could definitely feel the difference in the guitars he showed me - I was only looking yesterday and not planning to buy a guitar but it felts so good and sounded so good I had to buy it!!!! Thank you for a great experience!
Roxanne Gillard April 22, 2015

Excellent customer service
Matt Dyck April 22, 2015

Dan was extremely knowledgeable and beyond helpful. He made some excellent recommendations that I am beyond satisfied with!
Brent Beaumont April 14, 2015

Daniel was very informative and helpful. He took the time with my son to teach him how to restring his new electric guitar he had bought with his own money.
Julie Layland April 06, 2015

There was a young woman who helped us find a tuner as well and she was very kind and helpful. Everyone was very helpful.
Laura Laing April 09, 2015

I really appreciated Stephen Falk's signal to noise ratio info which he provided this morning. I'll be back around the end of April to purchase a new synthesizer I have already mentioned to Stephen that I have my eyes on the KORG KingKORG but just have to wait till end of the month until payday. Thank you very much for the best musical service and advice. Have a great day.
Gary McAvoy April 04, 2015

This was amongst the best shopping experiences I've had in a music store. Alexander Toney was helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable about the product I was interested in. By comparison, the staff at your nearest geographically located competitors store have always been rude and condescending. Additionally the product I purchased was $60 less than their price. Well done!
John Masecar April 01, 2015

Laura was extremely helpful and friendly the second I walked in the door. She helped me find everything I needed right away and I left with everything I came in for!"
Matthew Woods April 01, 2015

I bought a guitar two weeks ago and received excellent help from Gary. I did not feel pressured or rushed. Today I went to ask some questions and again received excellent service from both Gary & Casey. I do not get quality service such as this from the other major music store in Victoria. Most of the time I enter the "other" store, nobody approaches me to ask how they can help. As a result, I always go to Tom Lee first for my music needs.
Larry Hall April 01, 2015

Great, helpful staff. I always enjoy going to this store over other music shops in the area because of the staff, you can tell they love music... and are always helpful and willing to talk about the instruments.
Cadeyrn Craig March 20, 2015

Casey was top notch in his expertise and approach. He let me explore while giving guidance and I ended up with the perfect item.
Mark Dumez March 20, 2015

I went to T Lee's on 4 separate occasions, within five days, I bought a Godin electric guitar, a Blackstar amp, a used alto sax, then I exchanged the Godin guitar for another, and then exchange that guitar for the original one I bought on Tuesday, as my girlfriend thought the first guitar was so attractive...and she was right. But I had an enjoyable time there on the four trips that I made. One salesman, Robin Hunter, assisted me with the amp to my car, which was a block away. He was fun to talk to along the way. And the sax that I bought up stairs...Eric Cheng was very helpful. And JP Watkins told me how to make a truss rod adjustment, that worked out fine the next morning at home. enjoyable experience.
Lloyd Hayward Manuel March 20, 2015

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