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Stringed Instrument Repairs

Our String Instrument Repair department can provide a range of repair services from general and routine maintenance to a complete rebuild. From 1/8 Violins to Double Bass, we can provide any repair service to bring your instrument back to its best possible condition. Instruments can also be re-conditioned and modified to enable enhanced performance in tone production and playability. Besides correcting any structural damage, re-finishing is also available for any aesthetic considerations. Bows can be re-haired, straightened, re-tipped and sealed as well to ensure optimum functionality.


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String Repair Technician

Kin Sze Wong - Head Orchestral Strings Repair Technician

Kin Sze Wong has over forty years experience repairing orchestral stringed instruments in Canada and Asia. He has worked for Tom Lee Music for the past 15 years and can make simple adjustments to your violin, viola, cello and bass, or repair cracked bodies, broken necks as well as repair and rehair your violin, viola, cello and bass bows.


Kin has built over 30 violins for customers. His previous clients include Kak Hang Lim and Pinchas Zukerman.


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