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Vancouver's Latest Ultrasonic Equipped Musical Instrument Repair Shop!

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?


  • Environmentally friendly & safe
  • Eliminates the need for dangerous acids
  • Able to clean interior and exterior surfaces
  • Removes calcium and lime deposits
  • Extremely Fast
  • Proven better than mechanical & chemical cleaning


Ultrasonic cleaning is the result of high frequency sound waves introduced into a cleaning liquid by means of a series of "transducers" mounted to the cleaning tank. The sound travels throughout the tank and creates waves of compression and expansion in the liquid. In the compression wave, the molecules of the cleaning liquid are tightly compressed together.


Conversely, in the expansion wave, the molecules are rapidly pulled apart. The expansion is so dramatic that the molecules are ripped apart, creating microscopic bubbles.The bubbles contain a partial vacuum while they exist. As the pressure around them becomes greater, they collapse producing a very intense cleaning/scrubbing action.When utilizing soft detergents designed for this specific appication, a synergistic cleaning action is produced.


Rates starting at only $75. Pick-up time determined on first come, first served basis. In some cases, instruments can be picked up on the same day!


For optimal playing performance, we recommend that you have your instrument cleaned once every 12 months.

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