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Guitar Repairs

Tom Lee provides guitar repair/modification services at our 728 Granville location. Feel free to give us a call to discuss potential solutions for your instruments that might require a little 'tune-up'.


Guitar Service

Restringing (strings not included)

  • 6-string electric or acoustic, 4-string bass
  • 12-string electric or acoustic

Basic Setup (strings not included)

  • 6-string electric with standard bridge
  • 6-string electric with Floyd bridge

Strap Pin Installation on Acoustic Guitar

  • Pin included

Pickup Replacement (pickup not included)

  • Direct replacement pickup on electric guitar

Acoustic Guitar Action Lowering

  • Lower saddle on acoustic guitar

Other Work Priced per Job:

  • Electronic Repair priced per job.  
    Complete rewiring, component replacement/upgrade, etc.
  • Active electronics installation.
  • Hardware replacement/upgrading. 
  • Customization:- pickguards, knobs, cosmetics, oddball requests, Frankenstein guitar creation, whatever else.


Our Guitar Technicians


Paul Iverson, Guitar Technician

Paul has been relied on by musicians in Western Canada for the last 35 years, to keep their guitars, basses, mandolins and other stringed instruments in top playing condition, whether it be general setups and fret work, upgrades, modifications or custom building.


Although the majority of his clients are “just regular people with a love of music and their instruments”, he does have notables such as Aerosmith, Sara McLaughlin, Jimmy Page and Bon Jovi, as well as local favorites like Marianas Trench and Spirit of the West as some of his past clients.


Paul has also had an ambitious career as a musician before crossing over to his present work full time, having played with Bryan Adams, a gold album as a member of Strange Advance, as well as playing on the international hit “Hero” by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. Paul has always maintained that the fact he has been a player for the past 40 years has given him an advantage as to knowing when a guitar “feels right”


Talk to him in the North Vancouver location (604)988-9974, to discuss your guitar or other stringed instruments needs.



Dave Reimer - Guitar Technician

Since taking apart and refinishing his first electric bass at age 13,Dave has combined his love of playing music with building and repairing the instruments that make it into a life long passion.


Citing fellow Tom Lee guitar tech,Paul Iverson as one of his major influences, both as a bassist/vocalist and luthier/repairman, Dave has enjoyed a successful career performing and recording with such Canadian artists as Bryan Adams, The Headpins, BTO, Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts, Randy Bachmann and Lee Aaron among others as well as building and repairing guitars for the Odds, Colin James, John Kay, Ben MInk, Elvis Costello and many more.


So wether you need a simple adjustment, string change or a extensive rebuild or anything in between,drop down to the Granville shop to discuss all your guitar repair needs.


Talk to him in the Vancouver Downtown location (604)685-8471 Ext 1153, to discuss your guitar or other stringed instruments needs.

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