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Does store pick up include the long weekend?

No, it does not. It includes weekdays.

Why would I need insurance? Will my home insurance cover any costs?

Your home insurance may not cover damages or theft outside your home. You would need to check with your home insurance provider.

What is the protection plan?

For $1 a month our Protection Plan covers accidental damage or theft. In case of theft or damage that is beyond economical repair, a deductible will be charged to the customer ($100 for used instruments, $200 for new instruments). This avoids having to pay out the value of the rental instrument. Our Band Repair Technicians have the ability to determine if an instrument has been accidentally damaged or not. If there are charges that are not covered under the Protection Plan, the customer will be notified. The Protection Plan does not cover missing accessories or willful abuse.

What if I change my mind about my rental?

Please take your instrument to the nearest Tom Lee location to either exchange or return your rental.

What do I do with my instrument once the rental has finished?

If your child is not continuing on in band and you do not wish to renew your contract to continue the Rent-to-Own program then you are welcome to drop it off at any of our Tom Lee Music locations. Do not return the instrument to the school.

What if I am unhappy with my rental once it arrives?

Please take your instrument to the nearest Tom Lee location to either exchange or return your rental.

Where do I drop it off for repairs/cleaning?

You are welcome to drop it off at any one of our Tom Lee locations for repair.

Who do I contact if my credit card info changes?

Please contact our downtown office.
Toll Free: 1-888-8TOMLEE
Tel: (604) 685-8471

What if I have to move out of province mid rental?

Please drop off your rental at any Tom Lee locations. If you are on a yearly rental, the unsused portion of your yearly rental will then be refunded based on the monthly rental rates shown in the brochure.

How is my rent-to-own credit affected if I switch instruments mid rental?

Your rental instrument may be exchanged for another instrument of equal or greater value within 12 months of your rental (monthly or yearly program) without loss of your Rent-to-Own credit. If after 12 months an exchange happens, Rent-to-Own credit is lost and accumulation starts over.

Do you rent outside BC?

No, we do not.

If the instrument is stolen who do I contact?

You need to file a police report and contact our downtwon office.
Toll Free: 1-888-8TOMLEE
Tel: (604) 685-8471

Can I send my payments in monthly if I do not want automatic withdrawal?

No. The first 2 months are paid upfront. Then monthly pre-authorized payments either by cheque or credit card are collected.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If any amount is overdue for more than 7 days, the amount of the total contract balance and overdue amounts will be charged to the lessee immediately. Overdue amounts will be levied a charge of 2% on the overdue total amount per month.

If I initially rented new can I switch to used? Vice Versa?

Yes you can. Please take your instrument into any of our Tom Lee locations. If done after 12 months, your Rent-to-Own credit will not apply.

What are the prices for repair/cleaning?

The prices for repair/cleaning are to be determined by our Repair Technicians.

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