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Now that the school year is coming to an end in June, what do you do with the band instrument that you are renting from Tom Lee Music? Here are some options for you to consider:

  1. Is your child continuing on in band in September? If so, you do not need to return the instrument to us. All you need to do is renew for another school year. If you renew before June 30th, then you will receive July and August free of charge!
  2. Is your child ready to step up to a better instrument? If you are not sure, please contact the teacher and a Tom Lee Music band representative at your closest store location. If your child is ready to step up to a better version of their instrument, an intermediate or professional model, we can offer a percentage of your current accumulated rental credit to go towards that purchase.
  3. Is your child considering switching to a different instrument for band? If your child has gotten the go ahead from their band teacher to move to a different instrument then you can exchange your rental instrument for a different instrument. Your accumulated rental credit will only transfer within the first 12 months of the rental. After that, your rental credit will start again at zero. Either way, you can continue renting and your child can experience a new instrument to inspire them in band class.
  4. Summer music lessons are a great way to continue education! If you are looking for something for your child to do this summer, then contact your closest Tom Lee Music store for information regarding summer music lessons on their instrument. Simply continue renting the instrument from us and register for lessons to keep them learning this summer!
  5. Has your child decided to not continue on in band in September? If this is the option you and your child have agreed upon, then simply return your rental to any Tom Lee Music store location. Once you return your rental, you will lose all accumulated rental credit from that instrument.

Whichever option(s) you decide to go with, please contact your closest Tom Lee Music location for guidance and more detailed information.


lowest price guarantee


You are guaranteed the lowest price from Tom Lee Music. If you find an identical product in stock and advertised at a lower price by a local authorized dealer, please let us know and we will beat the purchase or rental price by 25% of the difference. (Please see in-store for details.)

no-risk program


Purchase any instrument at our Best Outright Purchase Price and you have the option of returning the instrument anytime after 3 months for a full refund minus what you would have paid renting monthly.

1st summer free


Rentals commencing in June of the previous school year shall qualify for a "1st Summer Free" discounted rate. Our School Year Rental rate covers the school year from September 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 and is paid in advance at the time of rental. Your rental can be returned anytime without penalty and the unused portion of the rental will be refunded based on the monthly rental rates shown in this brochure.





Yamaha's legendary design with added deluxe molded cases to withstand rough handling. With the purchae of NEW Advantage model instrument you will receive a Yamaha digital metronome and Yamaha Maintenance Kit free of charge!



100% of Rent Applies To Purchase

100% of Your Rental Payment applies to the purchase of the instrument you are renting. A 20% Early Bonus Discount of your outstanding balance is available if you purchase the instrument within 24 months and are renting on the Monthly Rent-To-Own Program. (Bonus Discount is not applicable for School Year Rent-to-Own Program)

Monthly Rentals/Exchanges

Rent is payable 2 months in advance, then monthly pre-authorized payments either by cheque or credit card is collected. Your rental instrument may be exchanged for another instrument of equal or greater value within 12 months of your rental (monthly or yearly program) without loss of your Rental-To-Own credit. If after 12 months an exchange happens, Rent-To-Own credit is lost and accumulation starts over..

Warranty & $1 Instrument Protection Plan:

Warranty *covers manufacturer's defects* for purchased instruments : Up to 10 years on new instruments (warranty length depends on Brand and Model). 1 year on all used instruments.

$1/month Instrument Protection Plan for rental instruments

  • Protection Plan provides peace of mind in case of accidental damage or theft
  • Available for rental instruments only
  • All rental instruments have been fully cleaned and serviced

More Program Benefits

Consumer's Choice Award for Business Excellence. GOLD Award for Best Retail Music Instrument Store 19 years in a row.

  • Top Quality Educator Approved Instruments
  • Affordable Instrument Rentals from $5.00/month
  • 100% of Rent Applies to Purchase
  • Lowest Price Guarantee/30Day Price Protection
  • "No Risk" Buy-Back Program