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Theory Lessons

Music theory is the study of how music works.  It examines the notation and language of music.  Some elements of music are rhythm, melody, structure, harmony, and texture.  Music theory can help musicians learn new techniques, perform unfamiliar styles of music, and develop the confidence to try new things.  Every musician can benefit from learning the fundamentals of theory to further their understanding of the music they play.

Music Theory is the language of music, an essential part of musical training. Tom Lee Music Academy offered private , semi-private, as well as group classes for all levels of music.


Subject Offered

  • Rudiments: Level 5-8
  • Harmony: Level 9-ARCT
  • History: Level 9-ARCT
  • Counterpoint: ARCT
  • Analysis: ARCT


Some classes will be by term, and some classes will be a full year.  Please check with the administrator as what format you want to choose.


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