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Senior Advanced Course (SAC1, SAC2, SAC3, SAC4) Age 9 - 11


The Senior Advanced Course is a four-year group program for the graduates of both the Junior Special Advanced Course as well as the Junior Advanced Course. This course further develops performance skills and musicianship.


Prequisite: Year 1: Graduates of JSAC3, or JAC4 with permission of teachers
Year 2: completion of SAC1
Year 3: completion of SAC2
Year 4: Completion of SAC3
Lesson Format: 1 hour weekly 60 minutes group lesson ; 30-45 minutes weekly private lesson
(37 lessons + 1 Year-End Concert)
Maximum Class Size: 10
Course Content: Group Lesson: Ear Training, Keyboard Harmony,
Ensemble Playing, Improvisation, Composition
Private Lesson: Piano Performance Skills, Sight Reading , Composition
Achievement Level: Year 1 – complete Yamaha Grade 6 Exam
Year 2 - between Yamaha Grade 6 – 5
Year 3 – complete Yamaha Grade 5 Exam
Year 4 – between Yamaha Grade 5 -4
Parent Attendance: Not mandatory (at the teacher’s discretion)


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