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Drum Lessons

Explore your talent , register lessons with our experienced Drum teacher.

Join the Yamaha Popular Drum Program,  a systematic drum course with scheduled national examination at the end of each course.


If you are a Beginner - you are patiently taught a well rounded curriculum. You will learn the basics of reading, rudiments and styles common to today's music.

Intermediate to Advanced - come to upgrade your skills and improve your technique. Your instructor will give you personalized attention and help you develop an effective practice routine.


Age: 8 years or above


Lesson Format:


Lesson Format: weekly private lesson, semi-private lesson (2 students) or group lesson (3 students or more) or Yamaha drum program



Vancouver, Richmond, Coquitlam, Surrey, North Vancouver, Victoria



Nathan Wylie, Michael Anthony, Loren Etkin,  Mike Devison, David Paunonen, Sky Kim, Nick Ratcliffe, Lachlan Duncan


Contact us online or call 604-688-8929 to register


Richmond Location : 604-273-6661
Coquitlam Location : 604-941-8447
North Vancouver Location: 604-988-9974
Surrey Location: 604-588-3200
Victoria Location: 250-383-5222

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