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Piano Club (PC1, PC2) Age 8 - 10


In this course, students will play a wide variety of piano styles (classical, folk and pop). Basic musician skills are developed through solfège singing and keyboard playing as well as more advanced aural training. Keyboard and technical exercises to promote finger independence are developed in the 2nd year. Basic skills for composition, arranging and transposition will be introduced.


Age 8 - 10 years old


Lesson Format:1 hour weekly 60 minutes group lesson (37 lessons + 1 Year-End Concert)

Prequisite: Year 1: For beginners age 8-10 years old by October 31 of the academic year
Year 2: completion of PC1
Max Class Size: 12
Course Content: Solfege Singing; Piano Performance; Ensemble Performance; Creativity; Ear Training; Reading skills are emphasized
Achievement Level: Year 1 – complete Yamaha Grade 11Exam
Year 2 – complete Yamaha Grade 10 Exam
Parent Attendance: Year 1: recommended
Year 2 : not mandatory (at the teacher’s discretion)
Advance to: Graduates may move on private lessons



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