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YAMAHA YUS5 Silent Sh Pe 52" Professional Upright Piano In Polished Ebony

YAMAHA YUS5 Silent Sh Pe 52" Professional Upright Piano In Polished Ebony
SKU: 167224 Catalog #: YUS5 SILENT SH PE



YAMAHA YUS5 PE 52" super delux upright piano in polished ebony with matching bench.

The production know-how of the YUS5 upright piano has created a piano with superior voicing: a superbly crafted instrument with inspiringly rich sound and delicate balance. The simplicity of the cabinet gives superb acoustics to the subtlest note, and specially designed hammers provide rich tone. And the simple, meticulous design rounds out a piano that enhances the performance of professional and home pianists alike.

Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, the YUS5 offers a refined look in an elegant upright design that delivers expressive control, superb sound and natural touch through Yamaha's own Ivorite keyboard.

The SH series "Silent Piano" lets you connect traditional tone, touch and elegance to the world of digital electronics.

A piano you can play any time you want, with the natural touch of an acoustic piano. The new SH Silent Series piano from Yamaha, offers enhanced Silent functions and an even richer sound.

Now a real world-class Yamaha acoustic piano can be played using headphones at any time, day or night without being disturbed ... or disturbing others. The market-leading Yamaha SH Silent System technology is unsurpassed, allowing 24hr practice as well as possessing many other features including a range of pre-installed sounds, being able to record your own performances or connecting mobile devices to use the latest Apps.

Silent SH System Features

  • Rich resonance and subtly accurate reproduction
  • Open structured headphones producing clear, high-quality sound
  • User-friendly blue-lit control panel
  • Connect to your iPad or iPhone, and use apps
  • Stereo AWM sound CFX binaural sampling
  • Non-contact continuous detection optical key sensor system
  • 19 alternate (3 dual) voices provide a wide range of musical expression.
  • Two recording systems (built-in recorder and USB audio recorder)
  • 53 pre-set songs (50 greats for the Piano + 3 piano demo)
  • Large capacity (256MB) of wave memory
  • Reverb - Room / Hall 1 / Hall 2 / Stage
  • Metronome (can be used in "Silent" mode)
  • Pitch Control: 414.8Hz to 468.8Hz
  • MIDI in/out equipped
  • USB-equipped
  • AUX in/out equipped
  • Accessories - AC adapter, Headphones, Headphones holder, Owner's manual, Music book "50 greats for the Piano"

Acoustic Piano Features

  • World-class Yamaha quality.
  • Factory warranty.
  • Super-dry seasoned for North America.
  • Sparkling, crystal-clear tone.
  • Responsive, intuitive touch.
  • Painstaking craftsmanship.
  • Enduring, faithful service.
  • Elegant styling.

Acoustic Piano Specifications

  • Height   131cm (51 1/2")

    Width   152cm (59 3/4")   

    Depth   65cm  (25 1/2")   

  • Weight  253kg (557lbs)    
  • Finish - Polished Ebony.
  • Number of Keys - 88.
  • Number of Pedals - 3 (Shift, Muffler, Damper).
  • Back posts – 5
  • Frame – V-Pro
  • Super-dry seasoned for North America




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