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ESSEX 123S 48.5" Institutional Upright Model In Popular Polished Ebony With Bench

ESSEX 123S 48.5" Institutional Upright Model In Popular Polished Ebony With Bench
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ESSEX 123S48.5" institutional upright model in popular polished ebony with matching bench.

The ESSEX 123S institutional model is ideally equipped to provide great performance and durability in challenging school and institutional settings.

The Steinway-designed Essex piano incorporates the latest design specifications and engineering standards from Steinway & Sons. In keeping with Steinway's commitment to excellence, Steinway & Sons provides technical assistance for the production of Essex pianos, to insure that Essex pianos are made to the specifications established by Steinway.

And every Essex piano is inspected by a team of highly experienced Steinway & Sons trained technicians before it leaves the factory.

ESSEX 123S specifications:

  • Height - 123 cm (48 ½”)
  • Width - 152 cm (59 ¾”)        
  • Depth - 67 cm (26 ½”)         
  • Weight - 255 kg (561 lb)      
  • Finish - Polished Ebony.   
  • Number of Keys - 88.
  • Number of Pedals - 3 (Shift, Muffler, Damper).

ESSEX 123S detailed specifications:

Backframe/Posts Staggered spruce backposts (5). Total CSA: 500 cm2 (77.5 in2). Thickness of post: 10 cm. Width of post: 10 cm.
Pinblock Laminated multi-directional Maple. Thickness: 35 mm.
Soundboard Solid Spruce. Linear taper. Vibrating area: 1.26 m2 (1,948 in2)
Ribs Ribs notched into inner rim (no floating ribs). Ribs made of spruce and staggered/graduated. Number of ribs: 11
Bridges Vertically laminated maple base with solid maple cap.
Scale Designed by Steinway. 16,695 kg (36,730 lb) tension.
Plate Cast iron, painted with Steinway Gold.
Tuning Pins Carbon steel nickel coating.
Strings Roslau wire. Number of sizes of treble strings: 14. Lowest tenor note: 27. Number 1 speaking length: 114 cm (44.9”)
Hammers Specified by Steinway. Weight of topfelt: 7 kg (15 lb).
Action All wood (no plastic) for all moving parts. Aluminum action rails.
Keys Steinway design. Spruce.
Keybed Lauan, Maple, Spruce.
Pedals Brass. Middle pedal on EUP-123S is Bass Sustain. Middle pedal on all other models is for muffler.
Features All wood Back construction (no MDF except in cabinet parts). Solid filler blocks in backframe (near top). Backposts are large and staggered.
Casters Double-rubber casters on EUP-123S. Brass casters on all other EUP-123 models.



Additional Info

Product Features
  1. Designed By Steinway & Sons
  2. Factory Warranty 10 Years P&l
  3. Seasoned For All Climates
  4. Steinway Refinements & Secrets
  5. Warm Tone, Intuitive Touch
  6. Long Music Desk, Double Locks
  7. Double Castors Each Corner
  8. Sleek Institutional Styling
Catalog Number EUP-123S EP


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