Guitar collectors, an absolute gem has arrived at our Granville location: The gleaming Ibanez PS1CM Paul Stanley Signature PS Series Cracked Mirror Guitar!


The inspiration for this incredible guitar comes from none other than legendary guitarist and Kiss frontman, Paul Stanley. You may recognize this model from back in the KISS Dynasty era, when Paul played one everywhere he performed.


Much like the original guitar that Stanley first toured with over thirty years ago, the PS1CM features hand-glued mirror shards into a bound maple/mahogany body. It has a very smooth heel, set-in neck with an ebony fingerboard, acrylic inlays, 3-way pickup switch, and more. This guitar sounds even more amazing than it looks, delivering large, full-bodied warmth and tone.


There are only three of these guitars located in Canada, and we were very fortunate to have come across one. Included with the PS1CM is a certificate of authenticity, signed by Paul Stanley himself!


Give us a shout if you have any questions about this guitar, or come visit our Granville store and give it a test drive.