Written by James Watkins


Most guitar players are familiar with the Fender American Standard Series of guitars and basses. For almost thirty years, they have been the flagship models in Fender's lineup of American-made guitars. But this year, Fender will be replacing the historic line with the new American Professional Series, officially launched in January 2017. Tom Lee Music is proud to announce the arrival of our first shipment from the new lineup and we encourage you to check out these key new features.



Fender has really outdone themselves with this lineup, including exciting new models such as the Jazzmaster and Jaguar. Both models are vintage-modern hybrids with simplified switching and classic single-coil pickups.


The American Professional Telecaster comes equipped with compensated brass saddles and includes a removable cut-down bridge cover, which feels quite comfortable and does not interfere with technique. The offset models feature Mustang-style barrel saddles that are a common modification to vintage instruments.


The American Professional series guitars have a slightly chunkier Deep-C profile. The very comfortable, not dramatically vintage but something that will appeal to players who find the slimmer modern C shape somewhat lacking.


For precise intonation on fretted notes, these frets feel great. They have more meat than a true vintage skinny fret, but they still have that comfortable familiar feel.


All models in the American Professional lineup are equipped with the V-Mod pickup sets, featuring split magnets to give a clean, balanced voice to each string across the spread. The guitars are outfitted with AlNiCo V for the bass strings and AlNiCo II for the trebles. Compared to a true vintage pickup, the coil is slightly overwound and packs a solid punch so your sound can truly sing through both clean and overdriven amplifiers.


Come in today to test drive one of these beautiful new guitars. We feel confident that you will be just as impressed with the new features as our staff has been. The old familiar name may have changed but the Fender American Professional Series are truly remarkable professional grade instruments just like the American Standard guitars you know and love.



Our team had an incredible time snapping some in-store photos of the new lineup as soon as they arrived. See a guitar that you like? Give us a call at 604-685-8471 and one of our guitar consultants will be happy to chat with you.


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