The new year at UBC started on the right note with the acquisition of two new Yamaha C3X pianos, allowing faculty and students to start their musical journey with the rich and vibrant tones that Yamahas are known for.


UBC School of Music Director, Dr. Richard Kurth, with faculty members, Dr. Sara Davis Buechner and Dr. Corey Hamm took some time to talk about the newly obtained pianos. The pianos will be placed in the teaching studios of Davis and Hamm.


According to Kurth, an important goal at the School of Music is the emphasis of musical diversity, culture, development and supporting the application of modern technology. Technological progression gives musicians more options and flexibility to create, and when it comes to Yamaha pianos – the implementation of new technology is always at the forefront.


When asked about the new pianos, the Professors had nothing but words of praise to describe the tone, craftsmanship, professionalism and endurance of Yamaha pianos. As Buechner describes, when you sit at the piano, you may see black and white, but your job is to create a huge palate of colours. Yamaha pianos are perfect in helping you achieve this goal.


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