We were really honored to have Professor Lee Kum Sing to share his valuable experience and interesting stories during the workshop last night.


Professor Lee Kum Sing has been VAM Piano Department Head since 1971, and he sits on the jury of international piano competitions, including Queen Elisabeth (Brussels), Chopin (Warsaw), Rachmaninoff (Moscow), and China (Beijing). Moreover, Prof. Lee has students from all around the world, which including famous pianists such as LangLang, Yundi Li, Yujia Wang. He is also the Artistic Director at Vancouver Chopin Society.


The workshop was full of smiling, laughing, and of course, interaction among the professor, teachers, parents and students. Prof. Lee said that ‘music is not an international language, unless we have similar cultural background.’ The best way to learn music was to follow your heart, let music to say Harmony. Understand the history behind the music is also important because you could have a profound understanding of the music you play. Such as the composer life story, the society he was in when he composed the piece, the reason why he composed the piece, etc. The other important note from Prof. Lee was that the true meaning of ‘Education’ was composed by Learning and Asking, they are complementary and indispensable.


All audiences had a really great time with Professor Lee and the interaction was extremely enthusiastic, everyone wants to get a chance to talk to Prof. Lee. They enjoyed the stories and experience Prof. Lee shared, which gave them new insights on piano learning in the future.


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