Music students from Tom Lee Music Academy recently joined the 2016 Yamaha Junior Original Concert (JOC) Music Camp at Mount St. Anne in Quebec City. Our students had the pleasure of attending workshops on drums, music composition, vocal training, ensemble sessions and melody writing. Our music instructors Elaine Lee and Rebecca Cheng attended an exceptional teachers' training session during this time. At the end of the three day camp, the students performed in three public concerts.  Firstly, each group of students and their teachers sang their brand new repetoire together, then they proceeded to perform in smalle ensembles. The concert finale included two sessions of students performing their own unique compositions.


Welcoming dinner on the first day of the camp.


Students registrations in the beginning of the camp.


Improvisations and Performance workshop with Dr. Robert Best.


Ms. Elaine with her students Thomas and Yu Ting.


Students attending the Drum sessions.


Compositions ideas from Dr. Robert Best.


Motifs Creation Workshop.


Vocal presentation with Patricia Nesci as the instructor.


Teachers’ performance in Vocal presentation.


Ensemble presentations – Tick Tock Clock


Another Ensemble Presentation with Mr. Stephen Couldridge directing.


JOC Concert in the Afternoon.


Thomas Cai from JSAC2 performs his composition.


Sophia Nichol performs her composition.


Pre-concert speech with Mr. Stephen Couldridge.


We all enjoy a nice stay at Mount St. Anne Resort in Quebec City.