11 faculty members from our Academy has a special performance on November 1. This is the first time ever we have a Faculty Recital. The goal is to motivate our students to enjoy learning music with their teachers.




Mrs. Irina Konovalov and Mrs.Rebecca Cheng started the concert with Arthur Benjamin’s Jamican Rhumba.




Erin Puckey , our vocal instructor in Vancouver and North Vancouver shared a Pop song with us.




Ms Kayoko Segawa , teacher in Vancouver location shared La Leggerezza by Lizst.




Ms. Tea Petrovic, our teacher in Vancouver location sang and played her own composition.




Ms. Monika Niedzielko, violin teacher from Surrey location performed The Meditation by Thais.




Mrs. Irina Konovalov performed a solo piece by Rachmaninoff.




Ms. Cheiko Louie and Ms Amy Lee both teachers from Richmond location performed together.




Ms. Christina Kent and Ms. Shifra Day, both teachers from Vancouver location performed together.




Mr. Will Chen, violin teacher from Vancouver location performed.




Thanks for the hard work of all teachers and hope we can have another one next year.