Taylor Guitars make some of the finest no-compromise guitars available on the market today. Taylor is a premium brand, but they also make an affordable range of guitars that are perfect for beginners who want something really good to start with, or for experienced players who simply want a great guitar at a great price.


BT-1 Baby Taylor

This small-size guitar is perfect for students, travellers, or anyone who wants a great-sounding and great-playing guitar. The build quality is spectacular, and makes a great gift for the guitarist who has full-size guitars but is looking for a different sound and something different. Also available in a mahogany-top version.


GS Mini

The GS Mini was an absolute sensation when it was released several years ago. Think of it like you would an iPad: an in-between sized product that you didn’t know you needed but now can’t live without. The GS Mini is bigger than a Baby Taylor, but smaller than a regular full-size guitar, but the tone and playability are amazing. A great guitar for the player who has everything. Also available with a mahogany top or a pickup-equipped version with rosewood back and sides.



Taylor makes a large range of affordable guitars in the 100 and 200 Series. The 114e is a great example: it’s a full-size guitar with a slightly smaller body size that is comfortable to play and sounds great. It comes with a pickup to plug into an amp. Taylor is known for their ease of playability with a slim neck and low action.