Vancouver is an undoubtedly thriving community with strong foundations in contemporary, interdisciplinary and classical arts. Our musical landscape is constantly evolving alongside the creative technology that empowers us as both performers and appreciators of music. But who spearheads this constant evolution of musical and technological excellence? The Steinway Spirio.


Our esteemed patrons, friends and colleagues were delighted to attend the recent Spirio Video Synchronization Press Conference and elegant evening reception on June 29th. The night included insightful video demonstrations, delicious local catering and world class music performed by Ian Parker, a revered Steinway Artist and phenomenal Canadian musician. His repertoire included Rhapsody in Blue followed by the delightful Preludes 1, 2 and 3 by George Gershwin.


The audience was then taken on an adventure with another spontaneous though pre-recorded performance from Ian Parker, now performed by the player piano. The instrument captured the true essence, nuance, and soulfulness of his original live performance, bringing the artist and his audience closer than ever before."If you close your eyes, you may forget that Ian is not sitting at the keyboard," announced Todd Sanders. Through another feat of technology called Steinway Spirio Video Synchronization, the audience was treated to a vivacious performance of Yuja Wang performing Smugglers by Robert Schumann:



Photo Highlight