What a tour we had! We are now on our way home after a very intense time this past weekend.

We had full houses for each of the concerts and the communities absolutely enjoyed hearing and seeing 2 Steinway pianos on their stages. Time and again , people remarked how privileged they were to have 2 pianos like this on their stage. They were thrilled to host 2 great instruments, even for the short period of time.


Yesterday in Port Hardy, we had a group of first nations kids spontaneously drop by during our rehearsal, who seemed at first intent on causing a disruption. However, once they heard the music, they stood still and listened and asked what we were doing etc. They were rather precocious and very curious and probably had never seen 2 grand pianos before. In fact, our concert was the season finale in Port Hardy and the ONLY classical concert all season. Apparently, some who were skeptical about coming (and probably only interested in other genres), told the presenters after, they were thrilled with the concert and so happy they came. Others drove an extra 60 kms from other communities just to be there. It was a great vibe!


A HUGE Thank you to Vance and Arik for a wonderful job in getting the pianos to and from each venue with such ease and efficiency! We were able to rest easy , knowing the pianos would be placed just perfectly in each venue in time for the tunings.


Thanks also to Scott and Ken for their superb work! The pianos were always in great shape and sounded wonderful, making each performance a real pleasure for us and for the audience!


Many thanks to Simon and Ron for making this all possible - without the generous help of Tom Lee music, this would have not been achievable!


Many thanks to George and Sylvie for organizing the whole tour- everything went so smoothly, thanks to their expertise!



Elizabeth and Marcel