Walking through the Luxury Home and Design Show was like taking a trip around the world. At first glance, you're met with slices of delicately placed prosciutto, traditional cannolis and handmade gelato sitting on display in the center of an Italian piazza. Around the corner, Tiwananses tea leaves stew in special wood-fire pottery cups designed to enhance the taste of tea all while sitting inside a stunning pavilion. Guests were given a different sensation around every corner with the backdrop of some of the finest luxury furniture and home design in the world.








Tom Lee Music contributed to this weekend of high-quality design by supplying a Steinway and Sons grand piano. In the center of the Italian piazza, a Steinway Grand Piano serenaded guests with its spirio player system, creating a peaceful atmosphere next to the bustling sounds of the handmade water fountains on either side of the square.





The home designs featured stunning works from around the world as well. The dynamic and colourful workings of French furniture maker Roche Bobis stood vibrantly in contrast to the more neutral tones of the Italian brand Fendi Casa. Every nook showcased a wide variety of luxurious designs, offering something for everyone.


With so much art, gourmet food and fine music, the 2018 Luxury Home and Design show was truly an exquisite event.