"To travel in time allowing music of the great composers to flow through me and connect with my audience is one of the most joyous and transcending of life's experiences."


- Steinway Artist James Brawn


Our company loves supporting music education in the community. On We were pleased to welcome a group of talented students from the Young Artist Program of the Steinway Society of BC. Phoebe, Bing Yi, Amy, Alize, Robbie, Paul and Daniel each performed beautiful classical works ranging from Mozart to Rachmaninoff. James provided thoughtful insight on each performance, coaching the students through the more difficult performance elements in each piece. During one session, James instructed the student to define the phrasing more prominently by putting "energy in the ends of your fingertips." He later stressed the importance of playing in time by advising the students to "always use a metronome, whether you are a professional or a young student."


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