Our company was thrilled to celebrate the opening night gala for an Aboriginal Art Exhibition: Latin America & Canada. On July 4th, we were delighted to provide our elegant, high resolution player piano, The Steinway & Sons Spirio. This certainly garnered a lot of attention from the attendees. The piano captures such nuance, power and passion that she is utterly indistinguishable from a live performance. Our Product Manager, David Collins had the pleasure of presenting the piano to all attendees, surrounded by a celebration of arts and culture. How fitting to have one of the world’s best musical instruments present in celebrating the power and significance of the arts as a whole?


Carnaval del Sols' thriving, multicultural event celebrated the vivacious artistry of both Canadian and Latin American Aboriginal communities. The audience was treated to an array of local and international talent through paintings, sculptures, song, dance, hand-made jewellery and live music. We were joined by some of the original inhabitants of Kitsilano, all of whom introduced themselves by their spirit name and taught us a fascinating history of their traditions, often speaking in their own native tongue.


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