So many of us now research a potential purchase online for weeks before ever setting foot inside a store or maybe we just purchase online altogether. We read reviews and comments based upon a bunch of strangers opinions and try to make an informed decision.

It is very common for people to end up purchasing something completely different than the recommended item online once they see it and try it for themselves. In a retail environment where you actually get to touch, see, hear and experience a variety of options our human senses often take over. We buy on emotion and online reviews usually take out that emotion. Have you ever eaten a restaurant you loved even though you read a bad review or seen a movie you didn’t like even though it won numerous awards?

In a more professional retail store a good sales consultant will ask the right questions as to why you’re buying that people often don’t ask themselves. They get to know you as a person and what your short and long term goals are for your intended purchase. Online reviews are often very limited in scope and don’t get to know you as a person. We ask friends and family for advice because they know us. Your own personal experience is going to be the best indicator as to what to purchase. Even though we’re not experts in most fields we recognize quality when we see it and experience it.

Visit a music retailer today and experience some instruments first hand. All the reviews in the world won’t equal the feel or tone of a quality musical instrument in person. Be your own resource and don’t let a bunch of online opinions make the decision for you.

Try before you buy!