With over 150 years of piano manufacturing experience Yamaha has learned a thing or two about making world class instruments, however it is their constant innovation that has kept them at the forefront of the music industry.

The past few years have seen groundbreaking new advancements from Yamaha with their Avant Grand and Silent piano series; two examples of hybrid instruments where they have merged acoustic and digital piano technologies together to allow use of headphones for private playing for todays many families living in apartments and condos.

Now comes the newest breakthrough from Yamaha with the TranAcoustic piano. Available in both  upright and grand piano models, the TransAcoustic lends itself more as a piano to be shared with others.

It is essentially three pianos in one:

-          A traditional acoustic piano

-          A silent piano that can be played through headphones

-          A performance piano ideal for smaller spaces like jazz clubs, hotels, restaurants etc…

The TransAcoustic mode is what makes this piano special.

 Digitally sampled sounds from Yamaha’s CFX concert grand resonate through the soundboard and strings of the piano producing a beautiful natural sound. The TransAcoustic mode allows you to layer both the tone generator together with the acoustic piano to provide a rich textured sound not found on any other instrument.

The performer can add a resonant string orchestra section to their solo piano or add the concert grand to fill out the sound from a smaller piano. With 19 pre -installed sounds and access to preset songs there are plenty of opportunities for performers of all styles.



Come hear for yourself and try the  new TransAcoustic models available at Tom Lee Music Vancouver.