It can be difficult to find the right present for someone- especially if you don’t begin with all the information you need. We generally know what clothes, music or food our loved ones enjoy but it becomes more challenging with a musical instrument that we’ve never heard them play.

“My wife or husband played piano as a child and wants to get back into learning” is a common theme at this time of year and often shoppers don’t have much more to go on than a subtle hint at best.

Try to find out what type of piano they grew up playing  (Grand piano, upright piano, digital piano, garage sale keyboard) This will help establish their expectations and source of reference. What are their musical aspirations today compared to learning as a child. Maybe they want to continue where they left off or try something completely different using todays latest technology.

For those looking to play piano again, or for the first time there are many wonderful options available that fit todays lifestyles and won’t break the bank.


If you are living in an apartment- all of todays’ digital pianos have the ability to turn the volume down or plug in headphones. Now you can play anytime day or night without worrying about bothering family or neighbors. Many digital pianos have some teaching tools built right into the pianos and are equipped with usb to plug into your computer and learn from a music software program.







For smaller spaces some digital pianos are much slimmer in design or can even be tucked away in the closet after practicing.


Often shoppers are looking to replace a traditional piano which was left behind at mom’s place- Yamaha makes a series of “hybrid” pianos that combine the true feel of an acoustic piano with all the advantages of a digital; headphone input, usb, no tuning required, smaller size, recording.


Tom Lee Music also offers lessons to get you started on the right note, so come visit any one of our 8 locations and bring your Christmas wish list. Our qualified sales consultants will help find the perfect piano to put under the tree this Christmas.