Renovate Your Piano:

New condo                 check

New plasma TV          check

Latest smartphone    check

Modern furniture       check

Grandma’s piano        ??


If you’re like manly Vancouverites in a trendy new condo or have recently renovated your townhome with all the latest gadgets, why are you still staring at Grandma’s musty old piano jutting out in the corner?

Time to renovate your piano with a sleek & stylish new digital piano. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and contemporary finishes you can play anytime day or night without worrying about the neighbors. Plug in your iPhone or laptop and learn on your own time with new music applications and software. Best of all your new digital piano will always play in tune.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or starting over again, todays digital pianos offer the latest technology to help you learn faster and will complement your home regardless of your style.

Time to renovate and take Grandma’s piano to the home (not Grandma) and find a new digital piano to get busy playing again.     check