This time of year a lot of suppliers know what will be discontinued in 2014, and these are often the best deals we can find for you. Case in point: we bought over 100 Ibanez guitars and can offer you some of the best specials of the sale on these guitars.

For acoustics, we have the AW250ECE-LG which is a nice solid-cedar top acoustic guitar with a pickup – only $249.

If you like colourful guitars, check out the AW70ECE-TBS, a blueburst acoustic guitar with a pickup, sale priced at only $199.

On the electric side we have the amazing RG550XHRSP 30-fret electric guitar in red sparkle, only $399. We have a few APEX2-GSF and ARZ307 extended range guitars as well, we recommend checking the downtown Vancouver store if you’re interested in these.


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