Supplier Surplus Liquidation Sale Guitar Accessory Highlights

Guitar Accessories for Cheap!

We love having lots of low-priced accessories so anyone can come and get a great deal at our sale.  Check out these cool items: Stagg trigger capo in black, a really high-quality single-hand capo that performance-wise stands in there with all of the big name capos – only $6.99 – great if you have lots of guitars and need a few of these. 

Also, we have 20 foot blue tweed vintage-style guitar cables for just $6.99, that’s only 35 cents per foot!  And it’s blue! 

Another great deal: we bought the remaining stock of the Ultimate JS-AG100 A-Frame guitar stand for electric and acoustic guitars – you’ll see this for sale for $19.99, we have them for only $8.99.  Lots more accessories available, this is just a sample!


Click here to view video on the upcoming Supplier Surplus Liquidation Sale!