5. LTD Bela Lugosi Grave


Gotta love those classic horror movie posters, and this one’s a beauty.  This would have scored higher in our rakings, except I’m not sure if the poster is truly scary or more of the fun/kitschy/scary variety - although that dude’s face is definitely spooky.  It’s a great scary guitar perfect for Halloween, extra points for the bat inlays.


4. BC Rich Draco Ghost Flame

As if a super-pointy body outline wasn’t enough, the Draco features a carved body – it’s pointy in three dimensions!  And in a fine effort to avoid all subtlety, then they topped it off with a flame paintjob.  Nicely done, BC Rich folks.


3. ESP Galder


OK, now things are getting good because this guitar is really creeping me out – the graphics alone are enough, and it’s black and it’s pointy.  The offset Rhoads-style V is pretty common now, but remember when it came out it was a very aggressive design compared to the old Gibson V.  And although we’re supposed to be judging these guitars on their design alone, that Galder guy definitely wins for scariest guitarist of all time – no contest. 



2. ESP Alexi -600 Scythe


As any fan of good horror films knows, subtle, lurking terror is way scarier than the over-the-top gore.  Here we have the Alexi-600 Scythe, which looks like a pretty run-of-the mill offset pinstripe V, until you notice the Grim Reaper Scythe inlay on the fretboard – a perfect creepy touch that is scary because you don’t notice it at first – but once you do it can send chills up your spine.  Well done, Mr. Laiho.


1. Gibson SG




There’s something about the SG that seems unsettling – maybe it’s the understated devil horn-like body, or that fact is has been used by the likes of Tony Iommi and Angus Young – in any case it wins for the scariest guitar of all time.  It just feels like there’s something about this guitar we don’t know…