Here’s a fun list of drum-related products that show the diversity of products available to anyone with an interest in drums and percussion. You’re sure to find something for everyone!


Mini Drum Kits

Stagg Mini Drum Kits

Terrific small size drum kits in either a 3-piece kit with a 12” bass drum, or a 5-piece kit with a 16” bass drum. A great way to introduce young people to kit drumming! Various colours.


Not quite ready for a full electronic or acoustic drum kit? Cajons have taken the percussion world by storm in the last couple years due to their ease of playing, great sound, portability, and low price. Very versatile and a great way to get started on percussion. Includes a carrying bag.

DJ40 Djembe

Another great way to break into percussion, this small and affordable djembe will get you going at a great price. Plus it will look great in your place.

Yamaha Stage Custom

Our most popular acoustic drum kit! Fantastic, always reliable Yamaha quality. Does not include cymbals and throne.

Various Premier Drum Kits

Various Premier Drum Kits

We bought the remaining stock of Premier drum kits at great prices! Selection varies from store to store, so check your local stores for availability and great deals!