We are very proud to announce that our flagship location on 929 Granville Street is now carrying the full line of the Sabian Big & Ugly collection. Here’s what you need to know about these beautiful hand-made cymbals:


There are six different models that the Big & Ugly collection includes: AA Apollo (22” & 24”), HH Pandora (22” & 24”), HH King (22” & 24”), HH Nova (22” & 24”), HHX Phoenix (22”) and the Xs20 Monarch (22”), and they are all wonderfully unique in their own way. Whether you’re looking for dark tones, “Blue” notes, or something focused, the Big & Ugly’s will deliver!


All of these cymbals are hand-made individually, making every single Big & Ugly truly unique. They’re dark, woody and extremely dry…perfect for modern drummers that are looking for a new sound.


Lots of love and labour were put into the Big & Ugly series, and each one has a voice of its own. Come visit our drum department and try them out for yourself. They’re incredibly fun to play!