Written by James Watkins


Tom Lee Music is proud to announce the arrival of our first shipment of Gibson 2017 USA Guitars! We have an impressive selection of Les Pauls and SGs in enticing new colours at phenomenal prices. Here is a breakdown of what we love about the new lineup:




#190656 - LP Classic T Heritage Cherry Sunburst

#190657 - LP Traditional T Antique Burst

#190660 - LP Standard T Blueberry Burst

#190658 - LP Traditional T Honey Burst

#190661 - LP Standard T Heritage Cherry Sunburst



We have a 2017 Les Paul Standard in the gorgeous, jaw-dropping Blueberry Burst finish. Don’t expect this one to last long, though of course we can always order more! Other new colours include the venerable Antique Burst, and a darker variant on the gorgeous Bourbon Burst. Of course the tried and true classic colours are still available. We have a stunning lightweight Les Paul Standard in Heritage Cherry Sunburst with a very nice, tight bookmatched flame top that is the epitome of what an AAA maple top should look like. Come down to our Granville location to play this beauty before it is long gone!



The 2017 Les Paul standards come in a classic brown hardshell case but inside the case is something brand new for Gibson fans: A wide leather guitar strap! The pickguards on Standard models are also included, as is a polishing cloth and warranty information.



The 2017 Les Paul Classic is a throwback to the mid-2000s model you know and love.  With uncovered “zebra” 57 classic pickups, a slim-taper neck profile, and beautiful plain tops on sunburst models, this guitar looks, feels, and sounds exactly like the Classic you’ve always dreamed of.  Gibson even brought back the old script logo on the truss rod cover.



The Traditional models now come equipped with a vintage-style ABR-1 bridge and a lightweight Aluminum tailpiece which is something true Les Paul lovers insist on equipping their Gibsons with. There is great tonal improvement of the guitar, allowing more vibration to transmit to the body through the bridge due to the lower mass of the tailpiece and increasing sustain and clarity. Our guitar consultants can all agree this is an excellent move on Gibson’s part, and the nickel plating on the hardware is icing on the cake! The Traditional also comes with amber bell knobs and historic-style pointers to complete your vintage look.



One less obvious visual change is the removal of the poker chip ring on the rhythm and treble pickup selections. The guitars actually look more refined and quite elegant without the plastic ring around the switch, especially with some of the more interesting colours. Of course if you would like to install the poker chip ring to capture the old-school look, we've already tried one and it works like a charm.



The 2017 Faded SG and Les Paul models look a touch more upscale compared to previous guitars from the same series.  The new finish is still a thin satin but it has been polished to a semi-gloss, which effortlessly reveals more of the wood’s natural character.  The process gives the guitars a distinctly well-worn 70’s vibe. Deep grain pores in the mahogany of our SG Faded show through the finish for an incredibly organic feel. The fretwork feels similarly comfortable, almost as though the guitar had been broken in for years.



All of the new models have dropped modestly in price since last year. We know you will love the price as much as you love the guitars.  Come in to any of our retail locations and try out our gorgeous new lineup! 



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