Martin is the most legendary name in acoustic guitars, with over 180 years of history behind the brand. Did you know there is a great selection available of Martin Guitars at affordable prices that sound great? Any guitarist would be absolutely thrilled to receive any of these wonderful guitars:


Martin DRS1

A full size “dreadnaught” shaped guitar. Solid sapele wood, including the top, imparts a rich, balanced, warm tone, with beautiful vintage looks. An amazing value, includes a hardshell case and built-in pickup for plugging in!

Martin DRS2

Similar to the DRS1, except the DRS2 has a solid spruce top. This provides a brighter sound, and a little more volume, but you can’t go wrong with etiher one! Has a more traditional acoustic guitar appearance due to the light-coloured spruce top.

LXM Little Martin

The terrific small-sized guitar is a great choice for many types of players – students, people who want a small guitar to travel with, or an experienced guitarist who just wants a fun break from a full-sized guitar. Even though it’s small, there are no compromises on quality and the sound and playability are wonderful!

Martin 000RS1

This is a full-size guitar, but with a smaller 000-size body. Still a great guitar for anyone, but provides a more comfortable feel and more even, balanced tone.