Fender FA-100

Anyone who wants to play guitar will be absolutely thrilled to receive a guitar from the world’s most legendary and revered brand – Fender. This guitar is the perfect affordable way to start playing. And by receiving a major brand guitar, people will be more likely to learn to play due to the pride of playing a brand that has been known and loved by the world’s greatest guitarists over the decades.

Fender DG8S Pack

As with the FA-100, this is an affordable guitar package from the world’s best-known guitar maker. Ths difference is the DG8S has a solid spruce top, which means the guitar will sound better to start, and will improve over time as the guitar is played. Includes an accessory pack with everything you need to get started.

Yamaha FG700MS

The FG700MS is a high-quality, affordable guitar with a solid spruce top. The build quality, tone, and playability is unmatched. Yamaha only builds quality products, and even at this low price the FG700MS will be a solid guitar that can be relied upon for years of service.

Seagull Excursion

Canadian-made Seagull guitars have been a favourite for years, with good reason. Absolutely fantastic build quality, and acoustic tone that rivals many more expensive guitars. The fit and finish is spectacular for a guitar of this price, and simply holding it will reveal a beautiful smooth finish that is simply not available in any guitar for this price.