Boxing Week – The Guitar Deals Continue!

Here are some of the great unadvertised Boxing Week deals we have – due to space issues these didn’t make it into our ads, but we still have stock (check your local store for availability):


Fender acoustics:

 These have been selling fast but we still have some of the white Sonorans, CJ290S flame maple jumbos, and more.  Great deals on this top name brand starting at $199.



 We still have about 21 of the Damien Solo Elites – some in metallic blue, some in stain red.  An incredible deal at only $299, includes active EMG 81/85 pickups.


Palmer Pedals:

 We were able to get a lot of stock on these great pedals, so even though we’ve sold a lot we still have plenty available – choose from chorus, compression, distortion, overdrive, fuzz, flanger, phaser, boost, and delay.  High quality pedals from only $69.


Guitar Cables:

 We have lots of guitar cables – Signalflex cables from $4.99, and 20 foot vintage tweed cables for $6.99, and lots more.


Godin Electrics:

 If you happen to live in Victoria we have a nice selection of Godin electric guitars at really great prices.


Left-Handed Taylor Guitars:

Still have a nice selection of high-end left-handed Taylor acoustics for about 40% off their regular selling price – a great opportunity for left-handed players to get a deal!


Ibanez AEB8Bk Acoustic Bass

We have these terrific Ibanez acoustic bass guitars, and we are offering a free hardshell case with each one – the bass sells for $399.99 and the case sells for $139, so this is a nice buy on a great-sounding acoustic bass.

This is just a small sample of all of the specials we have – each store has unique items as well – sale continues through December 31st.