I’m a left-handed person, but I play guitar right-handed.  I’ll be the first to admit life isn’t fair for the left-handed guitarist.  There isn’t anywhere near the selection of guitars for the left-handed as there is for right-handed.  And when it comes to things like Boxing Week, all I can say is it must be frustrating to see all of these great deals everyone else is getting and not be able to get a deal of your own.

But sometimes, once in a while, being the exception pays off.  Big.  Like when I go to a shoe store and see a pair of size 14 shoes for 80% off.  Not many people have feet that big, but when you do sometimes you get a deal someone with smaller feet would never get.

This year, we have one of these situations, but it’s even better than that. 

Not only was I able to get some of the best deals ever for left-handed guitars, but they are Taylor Guitars, currently the most popular acoustic guitars available.  It almost never happens that the top brands go on sale – they simply don’t have to, and in a lot of cases they are so busy keeping up with demand there is no reason to clear anything out.

But recently I was contacted by Taylor with an amazing deal on some very high end left-handed acoustics – and the prices were so good I grabbed as many as I could.  I wound up getting 8 guitars, most of them high-end gloss-finished models, and includes a couple of 12-strings and various other interesting guitars, all priced at an unbelievable 40% off their regular selling price.  Simply put, this is the best left-handed deal I have ever seen.

Since this isn’t a lot of guitars to go around, they will be available in our Vancouver location starting December 26th at 10am. 

Brendan Jang – Guitar and Drum Buyer for Tom Lee Music – has been in the musical instrument industry for over two decades.  He feels really bad that left-handed guitarists don’t have the same access to instruments as right handers do, but at the same time is thankful to have learned how to play on his older brother’s right-handed guitar.