We just recently became dealers for Schecter Guitars, and the timing was great for our Boxing Week Sale.  Boxing Week deals can come from a lot of places – suppliers might have some extra stock, maybe something didn’t sell well at the regular price but would be a huge hit at a lower price, or maybe some models have been discontinued and they need to clear out stock to make room for the new stuff.

The latter is exactly what happened with Schecter – a number of guitars were discontinued to make way for next year’s models, and the supplier wanted to clear them out.  I was able to get about 50 guitars at extremely reduced prices, and of course we will be passing these savings to you.  Many of the guitars have specs such as active EMG pickups and other high-end features, but will be sold at a significant discount from their regular price.

I’m never sure what we will get for our sales, and I’ll be honest: some deals are better than others.  But it’s a lot of fun when I can get a deal like this for you, as I know when you see the prices you’ll be happy – and that means I’ve done my job.

Brendan Jang – Guitar and Drum Buyer for Tom Lee Music – has been in the musical instrument industry for over two decades.  He lives to find Boxing Week deals that will blow your mind.