As the guitar and drum buyer for Tom Lee Music, it’s my job to scour the planet for the best possible deals for you, our customer.  Boxing Week is a particularly fun time, as it’s one of our biggest sales of the year and we need to have great stuff at great prices. 

Great deals can come from anywhere – the big name brands, smaller companies – it doesn’t matter as long as the products are interesting and the deals are great.  Recently, an interesting opportunity came along that I wasn’t expecting.  I usually contact our regular suppliers but this time an American distributor contacted me (presumably from one of the contact lists the musical instrument industry produces).   I was aware of this company as they have been in business for decades and have an excellent reputation, but for whatever reason we hadn’t done business before.

 They had just taken on the distribution of Eko Guitars – reproductions of these really cool guitars from the 1960’s.  Eko is a well-known brand, especially amongst vintage guitar enthusiasts, but I hadn’t seen a lot of the recent reissues available.  My interest was piqued, as I love interesting oddball stuff, and know a lot of customers are always looking for something they haven’t seen before.  Could this be an opportunity for Boxing Week? 

 I contacted the company right away, and sure enough they had stock and were looking to make a deal.  The prices were good, but maybe I could negotiate a better deal if I took a lot of stock?  They had all of the cool stuff – the Eko 12-string acoustics, the violin bass, and the fabulous sparkle-finish electric guitars.  I gave them a list, and after a bit of back-and-forth were able to strike a deal we were both happy with.  The result – some unique guitars at great prices I think you’re going to love, whether you play acoustic, electric, or bass.

 This Eko buy was the perfect deal.  The distributor was a pleasure to deal with, which explains why they have been in business so long.   I am able to ensure some great items for our sale, which is a big part of my job every year.  And, most importantly, we can offer you some really terrific deals at great prices, which is what Boxing Week is all about.

 In summary, most of the time I am in contact with manufacturers and distributors, working on getting the best deals for you.  But sometimes, a deal just falls on my lap that is perfect, and that makes my job just a little bit easier.

 Brendan Jang- Guitar and Drum Buyer at Tom Lee Music - has over two decades of experience in the musical instrument industry. He really digs oddball sparkle finish guitars.