1.  Hercules Wall Hanger 

One of our most popular gifts.   A great way to finally get that guitar off the floor and safely stored – but still within easy reach for when musical inspiration strikes!  Clever locking mechanism automatically closes with the weight of the guitar.




2. Dixon Wall Hanger 

A more basic wall hanger for those who don’t want or need the automatic locking feature.  Still a great way to hang a guitar.  Bonus: now that your guitar doubles as art, you can save money on paintings, prints, and posters, or anything else you might normally hang on your wall.




3. Nomad Tool

One of our most popular gifts from 2013 returns!  This unassuming little device solves an age-old problem: how to clean that dust that accumulates on the guitar body under the strings.  No more shredded tissue paper or other less-than-satisfactory solutions.  A gift your favourite guitarist probably doesn’t own!




4. Snark Tuner 

The most popular clip-on tuner due to its large, bright display and ease of use.  The great thing about giving a tuner is even if the recipient already has one, they can always use another.  Leave one at the rehearsal space, you friend’s place, or at work where you’re not supposed to be playing your guitar but probably do.  No one ever complained about a guitarist being in tune too often.



5. Kyser Capo

Just like tuners, most guitarists can never have too many capos.  The Kyser is by far our most popular one, due to its one-handed ease of use and easy storability (just clip it on your headstock when not in use).  This one’s black but several fun colours are available.