Planning on doing some recordings soon? If you’re looking for a really good vocal microphone that can record essentially any instrument with clarity and punch, the Rode NT1-A is one workhorse you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with.


The NT1-A is the industry’s little secret. For its price point, it’s incredible. Featuring a 1” diaphragm with a gold-plated membrane, this condenser microphone provides a very wide balanced frequency response. When it comes to signal-to-noise ratio, the NT1-A is among the quietest in the world, second only to its cousin, the NT1. It’s powered via 48V phantom power and has a standard XLR connector. The bundle includes a shock mount & pop filter, a 20” premium cable, and a dust cover. There’s also a bonus 30 minute DVD which features the president of RODE, who will show you a bunch of cool tips, tricks, and demos on how to utilize this mic to its fullest potential. One of which is how to use it for vocals without a pop filter.


This microphone is great for recording anything – guitar cabinets, brass instruments, vocals…but we think the NT1-A really shines when it comes to drum toms, which is always a challenge to record accurately.



We have lots of NT1-A Packages in stock right now at many of our stores. And did we mention that you can save $50 if you get one before June 30th? There’s also a 10 year warranty!



For more details on the NT1-A, or to order one now, click here!