The Roland System-1M PLUG-OUT Synth is now available in limited stock at our Granville location. This semi-modular synthesizer is powerful, flexible, and unrivalled.


Roland’s unique AIRA System-1m is incredible in so many aspects –it includes PLUG-OUT capability, it’s flexible (it can be used as a Eurorack module, a tabletop synth, or for a 19” rackmount unit), is fully equipped with an array of external outputs and CV/Gate connections, can be easily integrated and routed, and it lets you tap into a lot of different sounds.


While the System-1M provides a vast amount of power as a standalone, interconnecting it with other modular gear can take it to an entirely new and unprecedented level. Roland prides themselves on their ability to create synths with an incredibly dynamic range of tones, and the System-1M certainly lives up to that standard.


This synth is solid all around – regardless of what your skill level may be. To learn more about it, or to order one from us, click here!