The Roland JD-XI Analog & Digital hybrid has arrived at Tom Lee Music! Here’s our breakdown of this cool new and very affordable synthesizer.



It’s small, it’s affordable, and it delivers big, fat sound! The JD-Xi, which is currently available at our Vancouver, Langley and Coquitlam locations, truly provides the best of both worlds: the warm response of a classic analog synth combined with the versatility of its digital counterpart. But for its price point, this is a totally new concept.


Standard features include interactive crossover between analog and digital sound engines, authentic lead and bass tones, 128-voice polyphony, four-track pattern sequencer with four separate tracks – two digital synth parts, analog synth, and drums that allow you to layer rich loops very quickly, a mounted gooseneck microphone which is used alongside the built-in Vocoder and AutoPitch, USB for audio/MIDI communication, and a large library of patterns and sounds that are ready to go (and more sounds can be downloaded via Roland’s Axial sound library website).



This is an extremely capable little synth, and it’s a perfect choice for a first-time synth buyer who’s worried about the possibility of being intimidated by too many controls. For someone who just wants to forget about the granular details and just make some noise quickly, the JD-XI is the way to go!


Demo Videos