The Mojave Audio MA-100 has made its debut at our Granville store! Don’t let the small size of this diaphragm tube condenser mic fool you – it performs at a level on par with some of the best loved and most classic tube condenser microphones on the market!

Mojave Audio, created in 1985 by none other than elite microphone designer David Royer, offers a product that very few companies can rival: a microphone with a huge amount of audio components invested in it. Jensen transformers, military spec NOS tubes and custom made resisters, to name a few.

With the MA-100, you can expect a very versatile little mic with a wide range of applications. We think this is a phenomenal microphone for acoustic guitar recordings in particular, but the MA-100 can really be used for a variety of live applications.

For more information about the MA-100’s distinct features, or to buy one online, click here.