Finding the perfect gift can be difficult so I’ve rounded up the latest music technology that will help make your Christmas shopping easier. You’ll be the hero with these holiday gifts, even if it’s for yourself! Here’s a list of “what’s new!” for this holiday season:


Yamaha Reface

Yamaha has been responsible for many of the legendary synths we here in music. What if you could take all these keyboards anywhere, anytime? Something compact in size with battery operation and built-in speakers? Well, now you can with the Reface series keyboards. Now you can intuitively control big sound in a small size with four unique synth based on legendary Yamaha Keyboards. Reface DX, FM Synthesizer. Reface CS, Analog Modeling Synth. Reface CP, Electric Piano. Reface YC, Combo Organ. Each one with dedicated controls over key parameters suited to the style and design. It’s time to have fun and play music everywhere you go!



Did you know you have a recording studio in your pocket? You can start recording as long as you have a smartphone (or tablet) and Shure wants to help. The Shure MVL Lavalier microphone offers the ability to capture high-quality audio for field recording, dictation, news reporting, A/V recording and much more. This microphone can be positioned directly near your mouth to increase audio clarity. It’s compact and easy to use with the new Shure Motive Mobile Recording app - now you can take your recording studio everywhere you go!

Mackie ProFX8 V2

Mackie makes tough products, built to last - the rugged “Built-Line-A-Tank” ProFX8 V2 mixer is no different. It’s a comprehensive mixer with a wide range of useful features and tools like the GEQ and USB recording and playback. The new Vita preamps are virtually noiseless and the ReadyFX engine provides high-quality DSP for rich effects processing. The ProFx8 V2 also includes Traktion recording software so you can capture your latest gig on you Mac or PC. (Mackie also offers the ProFX4,12,16,22 and 30 V2.)

Pioneer DDJ-SB2

Pioneer is known for making industry standard products that are designed for DJs and rugged enough to last a very long time. Using the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 controller has never been easier or more intuitive – even for a first-time DJs. The top level performance pads offer the ability for triggering Hot Cue, Auto Loop, Manual Loop and Sampler while the lower pads offer Play, Cue, Sync and Shift. The DDJ-SB2 might be compact in size but the large jog wheel offers low-latency control with great scratch response and accuracy. It’s time to make you dreams come true with the DDJ-SB2. (Did I really make that rhyme?)

Ableton Push 2

Ableton created the standard in live performance software with Ableton Live. About 2 years ago they released the Push controller that provided direct access to Live, it was a revolution for electronic musicians providing instrument-like control to audio software. Now they’ve released the Push 2 offering more control, allowing the musician to focus on making music at a much deeper level. Play and tweak samples, slice beats and play one shots – Push 2 give you the control to edit directly from the device using the high resolution RGB display. Additional features you’ll enjoy are the touchstrip for pitch bend/scrolling, high-resolution endless encoders, multi colored LED buttons and silicon pads. (Already own an original Push? Call your nearest Tom Lee Music and ask about our trade-in program)

Rode Filmmaker Kit

You may already know that Rode makes amazing studio microphones but did you know they make incredible video microphones? The Filmmaker Kit offers improved audio recording for DSLR owners providing everything you need to start shooting wirelessly. The kit includes a transmitter, receiver and a broadcast-grade lavalier (lapel) microphone. Now you can maintain the strongest audio level up to 100 meters away!

Akai Tom Cat

The Tom Cat is a true analog drum machine which is incredible considering the affordable price. Offering five built-in percussion voices including kick, snare, clap and chromatically tunable disco tom sounds. Each drum voice offers complete control over the sounds with variable tuning, amplitude envelopes and volume for separate and precise real-time adjustments. Additional feature included MPC-Style back-lit pads and a built-in 32-step sequencer. Drum patterns can be adjusted using swing, pattern select and the tempo control knob. Experience that fat analog drum sound you’ve always dreamed about.