Tom Lee Music Academy Yamaha students got great honors at the Student Performers’ Guild Festival hosted by the BC Registered Music Teachers Association.  Janice Loi, Jelena Loi, Angus Yeung and Elaine Wang won trophies in different solo division.  Bravo to their teachers: Ms. Pauline Ng, Ms. Rebecca Cheng and Ms. Debbie Cave!


Elaine Wang – Winner of Classical Intermediate; SPG Highest Achievement Trophy ( Highest aggregate mark; SPG Intermediate Trophy –Adjudicator’s Choice most promising student; SPG Intermediate Scholarships-Highest Overall marks.


Janice Loi – Winner of Post-Romantic Junior


Jelena Loi – Winner of Romantic Intermediate


Tom Lee Music Academy Ensemble Group students :

Winner of Duet Intermediate: Aisha Hsu, Charlotte Kiang

Winner of Quartet Senior:  Jason Wong, Joshua Kwok, Justin Song, Felix Chan

Winner of Trio Senior: Annie Wei, Safya Maula-Bux, Megan Ho

Winner of Trio Senior: Adelaide Chan, Elsa Ho, Karen Ip

Winner of Trio Intermediate: Serena Phu, Karen Wei, Allysen Kwok