image of album art of 10 bands with blue and orange text that reads: 10 songs to get you through the first week of school


Whether you're headed to your first year of high school or your last year of university, getting back in your school routine can be tough to handle while you readjust to another school year. With all the class time chaos, we thought you might need some tunes to get you through it.



1. Vampire Weekend - Campus

An upbeat school themed tune about class + finding that first crush of the year. This track is guaranteed to put a jump in your step on the way to class.



2. The Zolas - Strange Girl

Local indie favourite, The Zolas, continue on with Vampire Weekend's upbeat garage pop sound with a track about reuniting with a former classmate.




3. Jamila Woods - Stellar

Off her 2016 debut record HEAVN, Jamila Woods brings a independent but sensitive vibe to the dreamy song, Stellar, about wanting to get away and start again, which seems pretty relatable this school season.




4. Sheer Mag - Just Can't Get Enough

If that intro riff doesn't get you going, then the incredible wail of Tina's vocals will for sure. The Philadelphia natives bring the noise and the beat bound to make your between class break a blast.




5. Girlpool - It Gets More Blue

Girlpool emulates the soft, shoegaze-y feeling of the first cool breeze of autumn while the sun is still shining. This track is great for your pre-class morning routine.




6. Lorde - Team

One of the more mainstream choices on the list, Lorde just graduated not too long ago herself! Team brings swagger paired with friendship & fun. Perfect for when you reunite with your crew this school year, this track is guaranteed to make you want to hug your friends.




7. Frank Ocean - Pink + White

King of soulful, authentic R&B, Frank Ocean brings a sense of assuredness and focus with Pink + White. The uplifting harmonies and piano lead contributes to an overall sense of calm, while maintaining its poppy rhythm and blues appeal which makes this track great for studying.




8. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

Canadian indie-rock crew, Arcade Fire, brings the nostalgia and fun of getting into shenanigans with friends before the course load kicks in.




9.Glass Animals - Youth

Glass Animals infuses a catchy indie sound with smooth electronic beats and eclectic samples that fills the track Youth with just that— a sense of fun and youthfulness that resonates with the excitement and shenanigans the first week of school brings.




10. Amber Mark - S P A C E

Have you heard of Amber Mark? We hadn’t either. She uploaded her first track to soundcloud just about a year ago, and she’s been making waves ever since! She combines her strong R&B vocals with catchy beats & lyrics, AND recorded and produced it all by herself at 22 years old. Not sure about you, but this is some serious back to school inspiration.



That’s it, We hope you enjoyed our list! Stay strong & the year will be over before you know it!