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Tom Lee Music Academy FAQ

Course Information

  1. What is the easiest, most suitable instrument to learn for my child? [ + ]

    For young beginners, we suggest our Yamaha programs or keyboards. For school age children, they can try with guitar, drums, other band instruments. Click for more information.

  2. How long will it take to be able to play an instrument? [ + ]

    It usually takes about 3 months to be able to manage playing an instrument.

  3. Should I start with 30 minutes lesson or 45 minutes lesson? [ + ]

    We usually recommend to begin learning with 30 minutes lesson.

  4. What is the right age to learn each instrument? [ + ]

    For private lessons, we recommend at least 6 years old. Click for more information regarding the proper age for each instrument.

    For Yamaha group lessons, children can begin music class as early as 2 years old. Click for more information about Yamaha Program.

  5. If I don't know how to read music, can I take piano lessons? [ + ]

    Anybody can learn music regardless whether you know how to read music or not. You will be taught to read, play and appreciate music in your piano lessons.

  6. My child has done Grade 10 RCM piano, and she doesn't want to do classical music any more, what other options do you have for lessons or what are your suggestions? [ + ]

    For piano players, they can continue to learn playing piano in different styles like pop, jazz. Or they may choose to learn a different instrument or join our special programs to enjoy music. Click here for more program information.

  7. My child wants to join school band, what are the most popular instruments in the band and which instrument my child should learn to get into the school band? [ + ]

    The most popular band instruments are flute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, saxophone. We offer Discovery Band Instruments in the summer for students to have hands on experience before they start. Click here for Summer programs information. You may also talk to our Band Rental Consultant in our store, they may be able to give you recommendations.

  8. What is the difference between the RCM exam system and the Yamaha exam system? [ + ]

    The RCM exam system are examinations based on their current syllabus and is focused on repertoires playing, techniques, sight reading and ear training. Yamaha exam system are examinations based on the Yamaha Method Curriculum in the Yamaha Music Education Programs. The focus of the examination will be based on Repertoires playing, sight reading, ear training and improvisation skills.


Administration Information

  1. If I want to learn an instrument, what is the minimum number of lessons I need to take? [ + ]

    You may book a one time trial lesson with our teacher. After the trail lesson, the minimum number of lessons you need to register is 4 lessons.

  2. Where are the classes held? [ + ]

    All classes will be held in our music studios located inside our Academy.

  3. Will an instrument be provided? [ + ]

    Keyboards and pianos are provided in our studios. Students are expected to bring their own instrument to their class. You may rent the instrument. Click here for more information.

  4. What are the registration fees? [ + ]

    You need to pay a registration fee every time when you register for our courses. A maximum of $30 per year will be charged. Please refer to our School Policy.

  5. Do I have to pre-pay and can I make monthly payments? [ + ]

    In order to register for a course, you must pre-pay your lessons. You may choose to make a one time payment or monthly payments. Please refer to our School Policy.

  6. What if I don't like the class? Or if I move, what happens? [ + ]

    You may request a transfer to another class or teacher if you don't like the class. There will be a $25 transfer fee for the 2nd time you make such request. Please refer to our School Policy.

  7. What if I need to cancel my lessons? [ + ]

    For a valid schedule change, you need to inform the teacher and school administrators at least 48 hours ahead of the scheduled lesson. Classes cancelled due to sickness without the authorization of teachers will not be re-scheduled. Please refer to our School Policy.

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