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DIGITECH VLFX Vocalist Live Fx Effects Processor Pedal

DIGITECH VLFX Vocalist Live Fx Effects Processor Pedal
SKU: 169248 Catalog #: VLFX

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Center stage never sounded so good. The Vocalist Live FX transforms your voice and captivates your audience. Whether a subtle splash of Lexicon reverb and dbx compression to warm up your voice or punchy, popular club effects, the Vocalist Live FX gives you the confidence to perform with the highest studio quality effects and comprehensive live listening technologies. Instant vocal adrenaline fit for your performance.

The Vocalist Live FX is the next generation of vocal effects boxes with over 65 vocal effects, studio quality sound, and Live Adapt listening technologies to give singers the best vocal enhancements.  The Vocalist Live FX introduces Live Adapt to vocal performers everywhere providing them with advanced listening technologies that adapts to queues from the room, from the band, and from the singer.  Licensed Lexicon reverb and dbx Compression and Automatic Feedback Supression is stored in the box to give the vocalist powerful controls of studio quality effects. The Gold Channel allows the user to engage their channel strip with the press of a button so they can sound good in an instant.  An Anti-Feedback button will instantly eliminate any noise, and the Sound Check button will automatically test the settings of presets for the current room acoustics.

The Live FX is a feature-packed live vocal effects processor which incorporates the latest musIQ® technology, studio-grade channel strip and vocal effects processing, Live Adapt™, harmony generation, pitch correction, dbx® Advanced Feedback Suppression, and a built-in phrase looper. This combination of features provides you with professional, studio quality vocal effects when performing on-stage. The Live FX begins with a global channel strip processing chain, referred to as the "Gold Channel" effects. This global set of 8 effects is used in all presets, providing the sonic foundation for your vocal sound. The Gold Channel effects comprise: Warmth, dbx® Compression, Pitch Correction, Lexicon® Ambience, 3-Band EQ, De-Essing, Noise Gating, and Low Cut. Next are the "Vocal" effects. From Lexicon reverbs, to distortion and harmony effects, the Vocal effects are perfect for adding polish, texture, movement, and excitement to your vocals.

One of the most significant features of the Live FX is Live Adapt™. Live Adapt uses the built-in analysis microphone or Aux In jack to provide automatic, real-time effect tempo adjustment, smart gating of non-vocal signals (built-in microphone only), and intelligent harmony generation using the detected key of the music. Three rugged footswitches provide preset A/B part selection, preset navigation, bypassing of the Vocal effects, and hands-free control of the built-in phrase looper. The real panel boasts all the necessary connections for the performing singer, including a USB port for firmware updates and preset management using the free Vocalist Live Librarian software for Mac and PC. With a quick-acess user interface, a plethora of studio-quality effects, dbx Advanced Feedback Suppression, and state-of-the-art processing technologies, the Live FX gives you the tools you need to take center stage with confidence.

musIQ® & Live Adapt™
musIQ is a revolutionary chord detection technology that analyzes the audio in real time and determines what notes are being played, while the musIQ harmony engine is capable of interpreting this note data along with the pitch of the singer to determine the most musically correct harmony note to generate. The Live FX's Live Adapt feature uses this technology to provide even further functionality by adapting the noise gate threshold, the pitch effect key, and the modulation and delay effect tempo settings. With musIQ and Live Adapt, the Live FX can adapt to changes in your music, creating a truly dynamic performance.


Additional Info

Product Features
  1. Studio Quality Effects
  2. Lexicon Reverb Technology
  3. Dbx Compression Technology
  4. Live Adaption With Effects
  5. Beat Detection
  6. Smart Gate
  7. Harmony & Scale Detection
  8. Dbx Auto Feedback Supression
Catalog Number VLFX


Customer Reviews (3)

Great boxReview by Muziekschuur
Sturdy, made to work instantly.

Just take a moment to program a nice clean vocal with reverb on A and a dry voice (talk) on B and the unit can be used just right out of the box. And with the up/down buttons other more elaborate settings can be reached with two clicks. Boom, done.

Now the unit is plug and play. (Posted on 9/11/2016)
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww!Review by Hak
Had this up and running in minutes. I have never heard my voice sound so good. Spine chilling harmonies that you can set up in minutes, set 1 2 or 3 harmonies to your voice. You can change the gender of the backup, and humanize it. It also gives you all sorts of vocal processing, as in noise gates, compressors, which I never could afford the items or the time to figure out how to use it. The doubling effect is incredible, the machine is incredible. The quality of the unit, the software, are huge bang for your buck. Some bands have one per singer. Definitely a must, if Stevie Nicks or Sheryl Crow are not available fo your gig in a few weeks. (Posted on 3/14/2016)
Great effects for the moneyReview by Jymbopalyse
I've use Many other vocal boxes but this out performed them all. Ease of use and quality of sound can't be matched IMHO. First one had to go back though. The little buttons just would not work reliably. I hope this one lasts past warranty because its gonna get used! (Posted on 11/9/2015)

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